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Found 2 results

  1. Dear Every one, I need to learn Atharvana Bhadrakali Khadgamala. Can some one in the group, Please help me in learning. Regards, venu
  2. This is addressed to Dr. Balwinder Dear Mr Balwinder, I am Tarun Kumar from Gurgaon, India and I have been practicing Sahaja-Yoga for the last 8-9 months, got my realization from one of the local center here in Gurgaon. Lately I am meditating regularly for last 3-4 months and of course my faith in Mataji & SY is building up quite firmly. And I may say that I am some what progressing well in meditation, where I feel I get Thoughtless for some moments at a stretch. It feels as if i have entered a new dimension where the usual thoughts are not bothering me. I have gone through many of videos from mother and with the help of other sahaja-yogis at the local center, I am getting guidance & I am happy to follow Sahja-Yoga. The main reason why I am bothering you is, I came across certain conversations where you have advised/guided people to come out of financial problems. Though I am quite hesitant to bring up this issue, as I have seen in multiple videos of Shri Mataji, where mother strictly suggests that if you have come to SY for MONEY, FAME or POWER, then it will never work-out for you and this is the reason why I do not ask for financial-help during meditation, after being thoughtless. I do not want a fortune or certain high-end luxury but just a regular flow to support necessities of life. If you feel like guiding me out of my crisis, please share your email id, so that I can share the current situation in detail, you may drop me an email Hope to hear back soon, from your side. Thanks & regards, Tarun Kumar,
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