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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, Can you help me predict the result of Guru, Mangal, Shani And Rahu in Tenth House of LEO. DOB 21/04/80 TOB 21:40 (IST) POB Surat/GUJ(IND) My horscope is somewhat intresting and could not find any prediction on above yuti. Please help me. I am currently in US and managed to get jobs but now a days to remain in US with H1B is difficult. Based on above yuti i have worked as a part time tutor (4 months) as a financial consultant (1.8 years) as an IT Professional (Last 3.4 Years) Can you guide if i can sustain in US if yes how much time? what could be the finanacial prediction. Thanking, VJ
  2. Can anybody please help me to understand a horoscop which is having rahu+mangal+ guru in 9th house (sign leo). I m 31st year old and still not get married? date of birth 3rd Jan 1980.Time 6:10 Am & palce is Ahmedabad(Gujarat) Thanks in advance! My Planetary Positions at Birth Time Planets Dir Rashi Lord Degrees Nakshatra-Qtr Lord Karak --- Ascendant Sagittarius Jupiter 0:49:28 Moola-1 Ketu Sun Direct Sagittarius Jupiter 18:12:12 P.Sada-2 Venus Father Friendly House Mercury Direct Sagittarius Jupiter 7:29:12 Moola-3 Ketu Intellect Venus Direct Capricorn Saturn 20:19:5 Sravana-4 Moon Spouse Friendly House Mars Direct Leo Sun 20:43:25 Poorva-3 Venus Courage Friendly House Jupiter Retro Leo Sun 16:34:45 Poorva-1 Venus Wealth Friendly House Saturn Direct Virgo Mercury 3:25:41 Uttara-3 Sun Longevity Friendly House Moon Direct Gemini Mercury 25:51:40 Punarvasu-2 Jupiter Mother Enemy House Rahu Retro Leo Sun 8:12:42 Magha-3 Ketu Desire Ketu Retro Aquarius Saturn 8:12:42 Satabhisha-1 Rahu Emancipation Uranus Direct Scorpio Mars 0:33:60 Vishakha-4 Jupiter Neptune Direct Scorpio Mars 27:25:7 Jyestha-4 Mercury Pluto Direct Virgo Mercury 28:3:28 Chitra-2 Mars
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