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Found 1 result

  1. Hare Krishna All glories to devotees, guru and Gauranga. I'm sorry that I'm bringing this topic. Please forgive me. Actually some people are claiming that there are verses in Ramayana which show that Lord Ramchandra and lakshman have hunted some animals and cooked, offered and consumed them. But one thing is, all the activities of the lord are transcendental and should not be viewed in material perspective. So even if he does also.. we should not imitate his activities as we are just limited jivas and he is the Supreme person, adi purusha. But anyway I'm mentioning the verse numbers that they have shown ... Please clarify my doubt if this is true or false and if it is true then please explain so that I can give such people a right answer: Following are the verses: Valmiki ramayan 2-52-102 2-56-23 2-56-28 3-47-22 3-47-23 I Donno if the verses are wrong, but they all seem to have words clearly stating the different type of animal names like mriga, varaha etc. I Donno if these verses are original though. -My Another doubt is in Bhagvadgita Lord Krishna said that this divine knowledge is passed on through Rajarshis from sun God vivashvan, manu etc. So by this we can say that the Kings present in the vedic times are all saintly. (Rajarshis) they are all great spiritually advanced god realized people. And many people claim that the Kshatriyas eat meat as they need bodily strength to protect the weak. Lord has also proclaimed that The Varnashrama Dharma system of Brahmana Kshatriya vaishya sudra and brahmacharya Gruhasta vaanaprasta sanyasa are established by him for the upliftment of the fallen souls. So if meat is considered as tamoguna food then how can the Kshatriyas take tamoguna food? As they are the ones who should direct the entire society towards the service of Narayana and make them get purified. Even the Kings in vedic times are Rajarshis. Who are most advanced in spiritual knowledge. So what my doubt is if meat is impediment for spiritual advancement and God realization then why is meat recommended for Kshatriyas who have a huge important role to steer the society towards the Lord's service and make them servants of the Lord. I don't have much knowledge. But I'm just anxious to know the paramaartha of these things. Please enlighten me in these matters. I may have spoken something wrong. Please forgive me for any aparadhas. Please clarify. Haribol
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