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Found 1 result

  1. Addiction may be the state of being where ingesting a substance becomes a driving force in a person's life, but we may have to broaden our definition of "ingesting a substance." It's easy enough to look at someone who smokes meth on a regular basis and see an addict. But what about someone who numbs themselves with their religion, philosophy, politics, or hobbies to the point where they're able to ignore the parts of their life that are clearly (to an outside observer) going to hell in a hand basket? Addiction is long, slow, insidious process that starts well before the addict’s life is disrupted by their illness. Winehouse’s history is detailed at length on Wikipedia, demonstrating a six year history of use that could not be hidden from the public. As per vedic astrology readings, the planets Rahu, Mars and Saturn are the real culprits in regard to the problem of drug abuse. These planets also obstruct in drug addiction rehab and the native may not get proper help for drug addiction treatment. If any of these planets is having negative relationship with first, second or sixth house of the horoscope; and at the same time the second house is also troubled – the chances of the person being addicted to drugs are very strong. Alcohol intoxication (also known as drunkenness or inebriation) refers to the physiological state induced by the consumption of alcohol, when it builds up in the bloodstream faster than it can be metabolised by the liver. Some effects of alcohol intoxication are central to alcohol's desirability as a beverage and its history as the world's most widespread recreational drug. Common effects are euphoria and lowered social inhibitions. Other effects are unpleasant or dangerous because alcohol affects many different areas of the body at once and may cause progressive, long-term harm when consumed in excess. Common symptoms of alcohol intoxication include slurred speech, euphoria, impaired balance, loss of muscle coordination (ataxia), flushed face, dehydration, vomiting, reddened eyes, reduced inhibitions, and erratic behaviour Sufficiently high levels of blood-borne alcohol will cause coma and death from the depressive effects of alcohol upon the central nervous system. "Acute alcohol poisoning" is a related medical term used to indicate a dangerously high concentration of alcohol in the blood, high enough to induce coma or respiratory depression. It is considered a medical emergency. The term is mostly used by health care providers. Toxicologists use the term “alcohol intoxication” to discriminate between alcohol and other toxins. There are other forms of intoxication.( with drinking alcohol, this intoxication is a matter of choice – lots of small choices. We choose to let subjective thoughts turn into bitterness or jealousy. Then, instead of abstaining, we swallow foul thought after foul thought, and in no time we are intoxicated with hatred, anger and revenge. Similarly we become drunk with pride, lust, arrogance and power. Then, as with all drunks, it will not be long before we are making fools of ourselves and hurting those we love. The truth is, from time to time, we all have these thoughts (the Bible says we are liars if we say we don’t). So at the first sign of intoxication, the wise person abstains by admitting those thoughts to God (1 John 1:9.) and starts afresh with a sober mind. As per vedic astrology readings, the planets Rahu, Mars and Saturn are the real culprits in regard to the problem of drug abuse. These planets also obstruct in drug addiction rehab and the native may not get proper help for drug addiction treatment. If any of these planets is having negative relationship with first, second or sixth house of the horoscope; and at the same time the second house is also troubled – the chances of the person being addicted to drugs are very strong. Venus rules sex, drugs and alcohol. If Venus is disturbed, He can over-do the natural pleasures which can result in sex addictions, drug addictions, and alcoholism Venus Conjunct Rahu or Ketu = addictive tendencies. Native has a powerful sense of entitlement to pleasure and a love of extremes. Addictive substances include beautiful women, precious wines, magnificent diamonds etc. Role of Jupiter: As a planet of divine grace and morals, the strength and nature of Jupiter in a horoscope plays a very vital role in vedic astrology solutions for drug abuse. A strong and positively placed Jupiter can dilute the negative influences of malefic and cruel planets over first, second and sixth houses. And, the native may get reasonable and fruitful help for drug addiction treatment. Afflicted or badly placed Mercury-- Induces a thought process that often leads to a craving . Houses- 1,2,5th and 6th,11th and their lords. Dr BV raman----- "How to predict whether one will be addicted to drinking? Scorpio Rashi governs intoxicants. Neechcha (debilitated) Venus or Saturn also govern same. When Scorpio happens to be the 8th house or the 3rd house, and Venus or Saturn occupies an afflicted position, the native will be addicted to intoxicants." If you have strong Scorpio in your chart you will be driven to be obsessive and it is imperative you find a positive form to channel this obsessive energy. Scorpio is about control, and you can fool yourself that you have control over the alcohol or drug of choice. Yet it is your destiny to understand that you are not all controlling and that there are factors in your life you do not have control over; such as when you become the addict, the drug has more control over you than you over it. Alcholism Drinking habit ( alchohol)--------Shanis Karakatwa lAGNA------------------------------indicates ones Jeevana, way of life. Chandra---------------------------Indicates the fluctuating mind , imbalance Karaka Kuja--------------------------------Forces the native to act or go for it. Therefore if Shani is in Lagna or Shani is with Lagnadipathi or Shani rasyadipathi in Lagna or Shani aspects lagna this type of habit can be seen in ones nature Here, one should note that if Shani is in Swakshetra or in his own nakshatra ( pushya, anuradha, uttarbhadra) the drinking habit may be less or limited If Shani is in Shatru rashi, the habit of drinking alcohol may become too much and the native may spoil his whole life. If Shani is in Guru, Shukra nakshatra, the habit of drinking may not be there. But may drink occassionally If Shani is in Ravi, Chandra, Budha nakshatra the native may drink very often If Shani is in Kuja s nakshatra, the habit may go LIMITLESS if Shani is lagnadipathi:- In this case,Shani should not be either in Swa-kshetra or in his own nakshatra and he should not be efflicted by Papa grahas, only then he fails to limits himself for drinking . Otherwise not. That means , if Shani in his own nakshatra or swa -kshetra or not efflicted by papa grahas, Shani wont do any harm to the native So we can safely conclude that Scorpio sign,Mars,Saturn ,moon and debilitated Venus and watery signs are the most evident factors contributing to alcohol addiction western astrology perspective see Neptune Uranus and sign Scorpio plus the 12th house which many western astrologers define as zodiacs dustbin for the signs and hints. Western astrology prospective- An Encyclopaedia of Astrology. Carter associated alcoholism and drug addiction with a number of different factors. In the birth chart of an alcoholic, according to Carter, the Sun and Moon are almost always weak by sign and house position, or else they are badly afflicted, especially in or from fire and water, or both. Additionally, the fifth house (pleasure and entertainment) is nearly always afflicted by Neptune or by planets in watery signs, and Mars is frequently afflicted by Neptune, in or from Pisces. Astrologer Liz Greene has also seen Mars-Neptune in the charts of those with serious drinking or drug problems. Addiction falls under the rulership of Neptune and many of the behaviours associated with addictive behaviour echo this planet’s characteristics of escapism, deception, altered sense reality, and the ability to disappear into a different world altogether. Neptune is the planet that can slip into uncharted depths. It’s also the planet of disintegration, and the sad thing is that a lot of Neptune people are highly creative, but they dangerously slip down the drain chasing the next high and seeking oblivion through substances for the illusory sense of oneness. Ultimately this leads to a wasted life and close family and friends are left wondering what happened to them? Where did it all go wrong? How did they get so wasted? It brings up the sad reality that some astrologers refer to the 12th house (Neptune's house) as the dustbin of the zodiac . From an astrological view, there are three levels of inferiority, each level represented by one pair of signs. The Sun controls the hellish level, Mars powers the intermediate level, and Mercury maintains the last level. 1. Sol - Hell (= Helios in Greek, the Sun in English) 2. Mars - Conflicts and Wickedness 3. Mercury - Crime and Evil. Few charts---
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