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  1. Two year back, I had a dream where Maha Vishnu appeared in my dream.The dream seemed really realistic and spiritual. Vishnuji appeared in my dream and in my dream i was thanking him for giving me Darshan through Dream to bless me.The dream was highly detailed even though, back then I hadn't taken look at the Hindu god's idols or photos in a detailed way.But, still Vishnuji's appearance was highly detailed just like in the photos/portraits with the four arms,lotus,chakra etc.I could hear slokas and spiritual bells ringing in my ears.i had a vibration all over my body during the dream and got up shivering and sweating. SO my question is, can anyone get dreams about Lord Maha Vishnu giving darshan or not?please explain the meaning of this dream
  2. FOR VASHIKARAN OF ANYONE:- Om ek namak ramta mata,doosra namak virah se aata,teesra namak auree boree chhauta namak rahe kar jori,yeh namak amuk jo khaye,amuk ko chhod doosra nahin jave duhaai pir auliya ki,jo kahe so sune jo maange so dey,duhaai gaura parvati ki duhaai kamakhya devi ki,duhaai guru gorokhnaath ki. Recite 1008 times for siddhi.After that recite seven times on salt and give to the desired person mixed in some eatables.Take the name of the person in the place of “amuk”.The person will be subjected to vashikaran. Recite 1008 times in one day for siddhi.After that recite 7 times on salt. In the place of first “amuk” take the name of the person.In the place of the second “amuk”(amuk ko chhod)take your own name. Does this work?plz help me
  3. Please tell me the difference between Vashikaran Mantra and Mohini Mantra..are they same or different mantras?can they be used on anyone or only on your lover/spouse?
  4. Is there any danger in doing Vashikaran mantra..will it backfire?are online sites like aryabhatt reliable or are there any books providing mantras?if so please let me know..is the need of tantric a must or the person can do this on his own?
  5. If a non-vegetarian does mantras(for example Vashikaran mantra) will it work?Are non-vegetarians allowed to do mantras?
  6. Do vashikaran mantras given on the site aryabhatt dot com work? If it works can a normal person do them without facing any dangers?should we consult a guru to do such mantras..are there any real gurus or tantriks in India?
  7. people say that if a person gets dreams of lord vishnu or any other god appearing in their dreams then it means the god gave darshan through dream.is this true?can a normal person get darshan of god?
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