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  1. Thanks. but i wanna know is any chance of divorce in this guys life.since rahu in 7th n in gemini which according to me indicates early marriage and quick divorce
  2. PLs someone reply me...its very urgent....
  3. DOB- 30-11-1982 TOB- 9.30am POB- Delhi I have analysed the above chart and found that his married life will not be good and may also get divorced because of following .... ....rahu in 7th house... ....ketu n mars in first house, aspecting 7th house.. ....lord of 7th in ememy's house... ....lord of 7th in 12th house... ....venus in 12th house & in a bad position.... but i m a little confused... this boy had a very serious relation with a girl but due to family problems he broke up the relation... according to me this breakup will really reduce the negativity of the above planets position.. so there wont be any problem with his married life.. he is getting married in dec'08... also the position of planets in navamsa is good.... i m very confused.... plz help me analysing the above chart....
  4. thank you once again for ur help and suggestions..
  5. thank you so much for your reply... can you make one thing clear.. what do you mean by saying that my husband will be from my community and relationships... I want to ask one more thing... I have been told by many astrologers that position of jupiter is not good so there are chances of unsatisfied married life or we can say very disturbed married life... are there any chances of divorce...?? can you plz tell honestly about my relations with spouse.... can you plz also tell about the profession of my husband... I wont disturb you again.... plz plz do reply.... thank you so much again....
  6. my parents are looking out proposals since 3 years to get me married but unable to find any suitable one... my parents are fed up now so they have decided for my brother's marriage.. n by God'd grace he is getting married by this year end...... but my family has started disliking me..they always scold me and behave in a very sarcastic manner with me... wherever i go people start talking about my marriage and some rubbish things.. i m very depressed with all this n want to kill myself... i have a problem, i dont want to go for arranged marriage... i dont have a boy friend presently but the idea of arranged marriage makes me very uncomfortable... no body understands this... what to do... plz tell what is in my future..?? love marriage or arranged and when will it take place.. also i m not working anywhere... plz tell me about my career prospects... my birth details... 25.08.1982, 4.35am, Saharanpur(UP),India
  7. Thank you so much deepa... i will definately follow ur advice... thanx again for helping me...
  8. Hello Deepa Thanx for your help... I m so grateful to you.. You are absolutely right, these days i m quite upset... I will definately follow your suggestions... but can I plz ask one more thing... Since position of jupiter is not good in my chart.. does this mean i wont be having a loving husband..?? is there any chance of divorce or something like that..?? plz do reply... i wont disturb you much... Rasharora
  9. Hello Can anyone plz tell when my marriage will take place and also plz tell me whether it would be an arranged marriage or love marriage... my birth details... 25.08.82, 4.35am, Saharanpur(UP) India I know there should be a connection between 5th house and 7th house... in my chart there is no direct link but, my 5th house lord is aspecting 7th house and 7th house lord is aspecting 5th house... also venus(planet of love) is in first house aspecting the 7th house... would it help...?? PLz help me i m really worried...
  10. According to my parents my birth time is 4.30am but if change it and move to 4.33am then my ascendent in navamsa changes to capricorn from saggitarius... Can anyone help me in finding out my ascendent of navamsa... Thanx Rashmi
  11. Can anyone plz help me out...?? my parents are looking out for someone to get me married since 2-3 years... but unable to find any suitable one... i m facing a severe depression due to all this.... plz tell me when i will get married (love or arranged?) and how would be my married life and my spouse(professionally)?? DOB- 25.08.1982 TOB- 4.35am POB- SAHARANPUR (INDIA) If i change my birth time to 4.30am then my ascendent in navamsa changes to saggitarius and according to 4.35am my ascendent in navamsa is capricorn... i dont knw the exact time.. what to do..?? does ones complexion can determine the ascendent of navamsa...??
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