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  1. Dear Priyaji, Currently i'm employed and have been asked to quit on 31.10.2010. I hold a middle level management post. I'm applying desperately across various websites for a opening. But till today no interview call has come except one thru' a reference. In this particular interview, i had cleared at HR level, but the management rejected my application, but the selection committee selected my application and 2nd interview was done. I do not know what i'm going to do after 31.10.2010, as i have 2 children studying and lot of commitments to look into. I'm totally frustrated and depressed. Request you to please please look at my chart and advice in case I need to do any upaya for some planet which might be causing this trouble / delay? My birth details : Jan 9, 1968, Time : 5.20am Place : Bangalore Hope you will consider this post and help me. Thanks and Regards,
  2. DEAR Sir MY DATE OF BIRTH: 09-01-1968 TIME: 05.20 am PLACE: Bangalore, INDIA I have been asked to quit my job wef 31.10.2010 and during the last 20 years of career there have been lot of up and down and i feel very depressed and frustrated by this happening once in every 3.5 years. Request to please suggest me a remedy to get a new job and come out of this problem. I have lot of commitments on me. Hope you will consider my question and give me a remedy. This is the first time i'm posting a question on this forum. Thanking you
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