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  1. Here I come again with my thoughts. Looking at the design of universe, we can see that a single design pattern manifests itself starting from the design of an atom to solar system to galaxies. We are made up of billions and billions of atoms. String theory was derived to look beyond the physical atoms. Scientists realized that if we start disintegrating the atoms the last thing that remains is energy. Perhaps the bond between energy and physical is where the God has played at its best. This way our conscious can be further stated as the energy present in every atom that we have got for us ( our body ). When we start going inside us, what are we experiencing. The energy present in different dimensions. The discussion over bramahand can also be looked as the journey inside us where everything is same that we see outside in our universe. Going back to astronomy, we are present in vast vaccum filled with dark energy and impossible to penetrate beyond couple of thousand miles from earth. I will write more
  2. Indeed a very interesting chain to read on bridging the gaps between this material world and spiritual world. I have been studying the physics and universe a lot since last 10 years. And I have also been reading and practicing sprituality since last about 10 years. Infact the journeys started seperately but now seems to be joining hands, may be like I have grasped too much. We live on a planet circulating a normal star in our huge galaxy spanning across light years. We have seen billions of galaxies through hubble. Per our shastras and understanding of spiritualism, I think that we call brahamanda as our galaxy. Our galaxy has a black hole in the center around which everything revolves. In the transcendent journeys, there is a time when soul reaches a place called mahasunn. I relate mahasunn as the black hole crossing which there is the dimension in which supreme lord resides. I will write more on my understanding of physics and meta physics corraborated with the latest facts of our physical worlds. Thanks
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