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  1. i have no faith whatsoever. maya has kicked me so hard that i've fallen and can't get up.
  2. I like that verse, because who knows...we could have been advanced devotees in a previous life but somehow got steered "off track." Only by the mercy of a pure devotee can we ever realize our lost relationship with Krsna and make our way back Home. I am teenager in an Indian body and got interested in KC after reading As It Is a couple of years. I started going to the Hare Krsna Temple last month for the first time and it was a lot of fun! I always look forward to the Sunday Feasts so I can chant, dance, take prasadam, and associate with devotees. /images/graemlins/smile.gif take care, Satya
  3. This is a "Spiritual Discussions" forum. Fifthwheelchapel should be allowed to share his beliefs with others here.
  4. But I like lurking in the shadows of this forum /images/graemlins/blush.gif However, since you requested, I have happily registered. -Satya
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