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  1. Hello everyone here!! Am a newbie here and would like to have some advice from 'elders' here who can shed some light into the next 12 months of my life. Please send your horoscope (kundli) alongwith the following details: Name: JEFF Date of Birth: 14 TH jUNE 1961 Place of Birth: Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Time of Birth: 5:55pm Problem:(what is your problem marraige,business etc) Query: (what u want to ask)''' " Could someone interpret my horo and tell me if there is any strong indication of me attaining/attracting profitable overseas business as well as my 'wealth/money' situation' in the next 12 months" I had someone print out my chart as follows: Scorpio Ascendant: Lat: 3-6 N Long: 101-38 E RAASI: Hse: ----------Navamsa: 1. Lagna --------------Lagna, Kethu 3. Guru, Sani ----------Chandra, Sani 4. Kethu --------------Kuja, Budha 6. Sukra --------------Guru 7. Surya --------------Rahu 8. Chandra, Budha ------nil 9. Kuja---------------- Sukra 10. Rahu --------------Surya I thank you humbly in advance for any advise as the above is 'Greek' to me Thank you and may everyone have a peaceful and great New Year!!
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