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  1. Hello this is my first post on this forum. I would like to throw in my two cents on this matter. The message that Jesus the Christ was spreading has been twisted into what the people are told to beleive today. I think his teachings were more similar to that of the Buddha than the modern day Christians. Being that, many Christians I know go against what their own religion teaches, it would make sense that it has been based upon a twisting of what Jesus actually taught. As for him dying on the cross, I have not nice things to say about that. It sounds more like a sacrafice to me. And, who is to say, that just by being born I have committed a wrong- doing? This concept of 'sin' does not leave much incentive for doing good, only for not doing evil. Many are the problems I have with this modern teaching of the Bible. The emphasis of certain things are all in the wrong place. Anyone ever heard of the vote that took place under the rule of Constantine, to decide which prophet should be known as the 'Son of God'? The information is online somewhere, I'll have to dig it up. Another fact, the Koran and the Bible are over 50% the same. These people are fighting over the same story! Sounds like children... eh?
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