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  1. Dear Sirs, ||HARI OM|| I'm very much upset at present of my condition. i'm undergoing a huge financial imbalance, iam not able to earn more, can't keep my dependents happy, please tell me when would i earn more as iam also trying for part time jobs to meet the needs, i got married in the last october 2009, before my marriage i was quite self-sufficient, but now iam more depressed of this financial status, please help me out with my problems, as iam also not seeing any growth in my career, i would like to know the reasons behind all these & solution to overcome my problems. iam hereby including my birth details: Name : NARENDRA KUMAR.C.N DOB : 18/12/1979 Birth Time : 05:55 a.m. Birth Place : Mysore, Karnataka, India Anyone genuine astrologers please help me out. Regards, Narendra
  2. Jai Sri Ram!!! Yes i'm interested to know the Navagraha Mantras can you please post it.
  3. ||Hari OM|| Please suggest me few mantras for Success..
  4. can anyone please tell me where to find Ravana Samhita, & the teacher to learn from?
  5. ||Kuladevathaya Namaha|| Please can anyone tell me where to find Ravana Samhita? & any Guru teaching it?
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