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  1. I am sorry for anything that hurt the sentiments of my brothers and sisters. Forgive me!
  2. I cannot understand why it would be wrong to ask about a painting? And if the painting that you have shown was a wall painting... ..then there is still some skin exposure in it! Just look at the attachment that contains the picture of sati anasuya I do not know about those days but, here mother anasuya does not wear any blouse. I can feel that it is definitely lust filled thought to look, but when I look at the picture that is where the eyes go. I show my devotion towards many goddeses,(mainly saraswati, durga and lakshmi) but ever since I first listened to this story, I have been madly reading all the articles on the internet that speak about the test of anasuya. It has also become like an addiction. And all I am doing now is searching if I can find a video clip, where this drama takes place, or atleast a paiting by some artist who just like me after hearing the story would have felt like drawing a series of paintng that contain the story and also contain one image which contains anasuya in naked form. Even though at times I know that it is a story that just tells how strong a chaste woman can be, it also makes me think in all wierd thoughts about the difference between listening these tales and the real world. Imagine going to a woman and just behave the same way. You will definitely be sent away,( to a police station). I realise that this kind of thoughts and behaviour is due to my constant search in the internet on this topic and that the first time I heard the story, my mind was full of lust. I am a human and so most of the times I cannot control my self. But after going through these searches and wasting a lot of time, I finally realize once again that however hard I try I will never get such a picture. And why do I behave like I am dying for porn(naked woman), where in reality I always stay away from it. I request you there fore either to direct me to such a link where i get the full painting of anansuya. Or help me hear words which I need to hear from you. And Pujari Sir, please forgive me for all the wrong thoughts, but some where inside I know this is wrong but I loose control most of the time.
  3. I have tried all over the internet if I could find a picture in which Mother Anasuya is actually naked. I want to see her naked picture or statue. Can I get some help. Even the one in which she breast-feeds the Trimurtis would be fine.
  4. I have seen this in Mahabharata. She is the mother of Bhishma.
  5. Sorry for my expression. I dint mean to laugh at that word. But you said that In keeping with the laws of hospitality, Anasuya agreed to comply with this strange request. But in the picture that you provided, Anasuya Mata is not naked na. Does that mean that she dint fulfill their wish, but only transformed them? This confuses me.
  6. Hey pujarie five o I have heard the story of Anasuya for the first time. Interesting one. Can you please post that photo you were taking about. I would be happy to learn more on it. Which book is it ?
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