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  1. I am a practicing Vastu Teacher and Consultant in Noida. I wonder if it is possible to design buildings, group housing projects and townships on the designs of Yantras to promote harmony and prosperity for the residents. Prima facie it seems impossible and outrageous an idea because it does not fit into the design grammar of traditional vastu. But with the changing times the design theory needs to be reviewed too. I wonder if some of the readers would have something valuable to contribute on taking this idea further. Regards. Arun Naik.
  2. Try Goyal & Co. Booksellers Dariba Delhi 110006
  3. I read someone write these lines above: completely agree...Vashikaran Yantras DO NOT WORK. I am a victim of it. I used to believe in it blindly so much about 2 yrs ago. I had all the ...... Mantras are sacred words of the Divine, they do not fail, they cannot fail, their result depends upon the sadhak. Let not the Guru or the Vidya be blamed, if anyone is to be blamed, it it the incompetence of the Sadhak, or his incomplete knowledge of the subject. You have met failure, so form an opinion about your capabilities and shortcomings, not about the Mantras. I am sure if you look hard enough and pray for proper guidance, you will come across a competent teacher. Regards.
  4. I can help. I am a non-professional healer. I do it for free.
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