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  1. I am a disciple of Srila BV Tripurari Maharaj and therefore I think it would be worth my while addressing the main point here. The quote that Ksamabuddhi has posted from the sanga is, in my opinion, unquestionable. What is being said is that modern society recognises that Homosexuality is something that a person is born into and not an improper or deviant choice. In order for a tradition to stay vital and relevant it must embrace that notion and thus view modern issues with compassion and tolerance. This is all that is being said and no more. We are not being asked to 'embrace' homosexuality or the gay liberation movement. The sanga newsletter is often misread, misquoted and misunderstood. People would do well to take the time to read carefully what is actually writen rather than project onto it what they would have the author say. Dayal Govinda dasa
  2. Dear Anadi, You seem to have completely misunderstood what my Guru Bhai, Audarya Lila Prabhu, has been saying. I beg that you re-read carefully what he has written in light of your last post. He suggests that Srila BR Sridhara Maharaj is in the position to make such observations about Srila Prabhupada whereas we are not. This view of Srila Prabhupada is taken from the absolute plane, not from book knowledge. It is true that you may be able to use the language of Rasa Tattva, but until that plane is truly realised such word play is useless. It would benefit you greatly if you bowed your head to the position of Srila Sridhara Maharaj ("Bhakti Rakshak", the guardian of devotion. A title bestowed by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada) instead of trying to force your way in a discussion of such high topics. If we read or discuss such topics with any sense of pride (in knowing the details and complex terms) or desire in thinking that we are worthy of such things. Then we may have our entry barred. I pray that you reconsider continuing with this futile thread. in service Dayal Govinda dasa
  3. Please lets not dig this topic up again. This was resolved on VNN a couple years ago. Here is the quotation reference: Srimati Jadurani has said 'Pujyapada Tripurari Maharaja has given a poem about Subala-sakha serving in the forest bowers (kunjas), though he did not give a sastric reference for that poem. A cowherd boy would not sing this song.' Note: This is a verse from Rupa Goswami's Ujjvala-nilamani chapter two, verse 14. In this chapter the extent to which Krsna's friends are involved in madhurya-rasa is explained. Subala's friendly love for Krsna is very much involved in this, to the extent that Rupa Goswami has called it "sakhi-bhava" in his Radha-Krsna Gonnodesa dipika. Dayal Govinda dasa P.S The rest of the article is online at http://www.swami.org/sanga/archives/pages/volume_two/m81.html
  4. Dear Anadi, I feel that it would be worth your while to leave topics alone for which you are not suited to discuss from a point of realisation. I mean no offence but there is evidence in the Shastra (including Jaiva Dharma) where 2 disciples of the same Guru may see him in a different light. Some may see Prabhupada in one Rasa, one in another. My Guru maharaj is giving his feeling based on study of Prabhupada's writings on the jaladuta and also Sridhara Maharaj's opinion. To argue this point is futile. Even dasya rasa is far far above our heads, yet some of us feel qualified to talk about the highest trancendental mellow as if it is very easy to attain. As Sridhara maharaj has said (and I paraphraise): "In that land we have no rights", Krsna takes us there and engages us as he sees fit. All we need concern ourselves with is sincere service to Sri Guru and chanting Krsna nama. All else will some from this. All of these terms that you talk so freely about are far beyond our comprehension. It would be best not to venture "where angels fear to tread" We should look to ourselves as proof of our advancement. Do we still experience Lust, anger, hate and greed? If so then we have no place trying to force our way into higher topics. The guardians of that land (which Srila Sridhara Maharaj is considered as being) will barre our entry. Please take no offence Dayal Govinda dasa
  5. I think that rather we should be concerned with tattooing Krsna's name into our hearts and minds. I personally don't think that tattoos should be of a KC nature. This turns the images and names of Krsna into mundane art which we will display on our body as a type of decoration. I cannot see how they can be compared to tilak! Dayal Govinda dasa
  6. Whilst it is true that reading the words of a pure devotee is considered the same as associating with them, we must also follow the instructions found within the text. Prabhupada always stressed association with advanced souls, so this we must do. To do otherwise would be to merely be following the vapu of the vani. That is we would be following the letter (which may change with time, place and circumstance) but not the actual spirit of the instruction. The madhyama adhikari can feel the presence of the devotee in his words but the kanistha cannot. Therefore it will be most benificial for us to seek out someone who we can serve personally. We know that Krsna and his Deity form are non-different, but do we really experience that. Dayal Govinda dasa
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