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  1. Maybe men and dinosaurs did not live at the same period because the datations methods are not good. Currently datations are based on Carbon14 and 18 ; mainly chemical reactions. But atoms are just inventions of Leucippe de Milet and Democrite 500years BC. They are mathematical concepts ; can they be taken for pure evidence ? Have those chemical reactions proven to be good for more than 100 years (a human life span to check it out) ? What to say about 1 million yrs ? Also scientists are dating like that, considering that time is linear. What if time is not linear. What if time is circular or solenoïdal or sdfngsdflgnsbn-al ? In the Greek old texts, in the bible it is often mentionned evil monsters like dragoons fighting with early Christians and all. Maybe these dragoons are pterodactyles from the prehistoric times ; that's what I am wondering. Well, it is not stupid what I'm saying, no... By the way I'm looking for a girlfriend so if you think it is not stupid please write me milady. Thanks. Eternity, to be of service to you
  2. Thank you Suchandra. Can we compare Transcendental Meditation to Bhakti Yoga for instance ? Is there a link between Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who passed away a few days ago in Netherlands, and his performing of Transcendental Meditation ?? Is there a message in this ? Eternity
  3. Excuse me, would you know what is Transcendantal Meditation ? Compared to normal meditation for instance, what is it ? Thank you, Eternity
  4. Thank you for your answer ; I am not sure I quite understand (and this astrology/astrophysics relation also, seems confused to me), I am going to try to check on google. Thanks, Eternity
  5. Hello, Sorry for this question which is no answer to yours : What do you mean Mars and Mercury are moving retrograde etc... you mean the real planet in the space ? Or the conceptual fact related to astrology (and not astrophysics for instance). Sorry, I'm interested in this matter of astrology and astrophysics, the spiritual and material, and where could be the connections and all... Thank you, Regards, Eternity
  6. Yes maybe I seemed high. I don't know what my problem is. It seems I have lost my consciousness, or a piece of something ; my mind is wandering here and there sometimes I feel, I don't achieve things and I wonder what is all this life... what this is all about. Maybe it's because I haven't found a girlfriend and married or something. I feel strange that lots of things are going wrong in our world. We haven't fought to be alive for all that, have we ? (Iraq war, unemployment, TV real shows...) How come we see the very same things on TV everyday, how come it seems there will be a nuclear blast or the arrival of the martians soon... I don't know. Anyway my mind needs to find a reference, or to become stronger and more conscious, to remember things maybe. It seems (despite it is not my religion) that I have lived other lives, that there is something else out there. That I belong to a bigger perspective and more conscious universe. Well, these are my thoughts and I am questionning about this website also and the people there, who are you exactly what is this website about. And what is the Hindu religion purposed for ?? So many strange things in these old texts... So that was my contribution to an attempt of explaining things to you. Thanks for your attention, Eternity PS : I have chanted the "Hare Krishna" song and haven't been catapulted in another holy dimension
  7. I have difficulties to see the path... still puzzled on how to get the Krishna consciouness or discover the absolute truth... I feel my mind is shrunk between 2 walls and not free... sorry.. Is it interesting to have guidance with a Guru or something, you think ? How to find him on this website ? Also, I live near Orléans in the Center of France ; do you have any idea where I could find a book of the Srimad Bhagavatan if this is possible... ? Thank you, mercy Eternity
  8. Thank you gHari... I have read a small version of the Bhagavad Gita (don't know if this is your listenings). And if we sing... "Petit papa Noël...".. can't it work either also... ? Eternity
  9. Thank you for your answers. And thank you gHari for providing this clear map that I could follow very easily. Well, thank you all I am self-realized now that's cool. You have other questions ? No, but I have one question really if I may ask. Who are you ?? Et... est-ce que vous pratiquez la langue de molière ?? Merci, Eternity
  10. Yes, but if there is 1 million steps to reach the missing link... Isn't there fast guidance or more clear path ?
  11. Or maybe buy a piece of chocolate cake ??
  12. OK OK don't lose your temper Bakhtajan, I understand. So what do I have to do concretely... I need to go to buy the Srimad Bhagavatam... ? Thank you, Eternity
  13. Thank you. So it means we are becoming some kind of robots ? We are loosing all our friends and all ? To inedible : What do you mean. Do you mean that it is wrong to seek Krishna consciousness ?
  14. May I ask more questions and make it more clear ? 1- In order to become Krishna conscious, we then have to remember. And we remember through reading the Srimad Baghavatan, performing Yoga, chanting the name of Krishna. Is it so ? 2- Are some people talking on this website Krishna conscious ? What does it change to their life ? Eternity
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