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  1. Please analyze my horoscope: Question:When would I get good job. TIME OF BIRTH:13:05hrs DATE OF BIRTH:october 9,1974 PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY : Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India SEX Your current status : Studying / Service / Business: Working in US, but it is a job not suits to my education. Educational background: MBA - Finance and IT Work Industry and current salary - Very low. Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember Family background Father : Business / Service / Industry etc.. - Retired,Govt. Service Mother : house wive / Business / Service / industry etc.- Housewife Brothers : younger / elders and above mentioned details - Nil Sisters : younger / elders and above mentioned details - 2 Sisters Done Engineering - 1992 to 1996 1st job in computers - 1997 November 2nd job in computers - 1998 January went to Onsite, United Kingdom - 2000 December Back to India - 2002 July Lost job in India - July/August 2002 Jan 2004 - Came to America to pursue my MBA Dec 2005 - Married and in America I have been working in America from March 2006, but not a good job. On top of this, this contract job is going to end in 1st week of december. Question - when will I get good job which suits to my education.
  2. Hi, My name is Krishna. I am looking for help in reading my horoscope regarding my job. Date of birth: 9th october'1974 13:05hrs Guntur, Andhra Pradesh,India I got my first job in November,1997 after completing my engineering as a software engineer. On January 1998, I got job in one of the best companies in India. On Dec 2000, from the parent company, I got opportunity to go to United Kingdom for one of the clients. Until this, my career went good. I lost job in September 2002. I was doing nothing( I tried my level best to get other job, but couldn't get it.) until December 2003. In December 2003, I got admission for my Master's in US and travelled to US in January 2004. In Dec 20005, I got married and back to US. In March 2006, I got other job, but the job is either not related to my studies or to my education. It is the job that any one can do it. I knew that I have been going through elinati sani until July 2007. But, after july 2007 also, I am not getting any better job. I am trying my llevel best in getting good job. Some companies are calling me 2 to 3 interviews and calling reference people too, but none of them giving job.On top of this, the job I am doing, the project is finishing in dec 2008 and I need to get other job. Please see my horoscope and let me know when will I get good job.I appreciate all efforts. Thanks Krishna
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