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  1. My greetings to everyone, I was hoping if somebody could clear a doubt of mine. I would very much appreciate it. When people chant the Hanuman Chalisa, and when they reach the doha, they always recite a few more lines after it. It usually goes along the lines of "Siyaan vara Ramchandra ki jai, ... " . I don't know where I read it, but I've always said these lines after reading the Doha; Doha Pavan Tanay Sankat Harana Mangala Murati Roop Ram Lakhana Sita Sahita Hriday Basahu Soor Bhoop "Siyaan vara Ramchandra ki Jai Uma vara Shambhoonaath ki Jai Pavan Suta Hanuman ki Jai" The second line, "Uma vara Shambhoonaath ki Jai", I swear I heard it somewhere. But now I don't find it anywhere on the net. I fear I might have been reciting it all wrong during this whole time. It's making me crazy because by His blessings, I managed to keep a fast for Lord Hanuman and recited the Chalisa ending it with these lines after the Doha. And now I am feeling ridden with anxiety and doubts, fearing that my fasting has gone to waste. I know this may sound very trivial to some, but it means a lot for me. I am a very anxious person. I would gladly appreciate if someone could clear my doubts. Thank you a lot!
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