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  1. Hello, This chart has been read by Shri Rao, Robert Koch and others. His career is stuck - no job for a year now. None of their predictions have came true. I did extensive research on chart and found when he gets acting jobs his moon is running 2nd or 3rd as evidenced in Venus and Sun Vimsottari Dasa. I know he has neecha Moon. but it is relatively bright, in good tithi, night birth and has more than 10 in dasa varga. Not hemmed with Bhava Chalit. Hoping the Moon Maha will get his life going. He has been stuck and is very depressed. Also, a lot of people treat him terribly with no respect. He thinks women don't like him. Could not get screen capture off Jhora, so birth details below April 3, 1983, 3:55 am 0r rectified time as 3:54:44 as per PP in navamsa Portland, Oregon, USA
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