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  1. Hello Folks. I have been trying to find a very specific recording of the Venkateswara suprabhatam and was hoping someone could help. So this is an older recording that I used to have on tape, but I gave away the tape like more than 15 years ago. The tape had a recording of the Venkateswara suprabhatam on one side with Lakshmi Astottara shatanama stotram on one side and the Vishnu sahasranama on the other side. The suprabhatam was recited by a few veda pandits at the same time, all male--no background music etc. I remember this version distinctly because the veda pandits recited Suprabhatam, then Venkateswara stotram, then Prapritti, and Mangalasanam in the usual sequence. But the pandits then also recited the Lakshi Astottara shatanama stotram, which was very nice. I have been listening to any recording I can find on amazon or youtube but have not been able to find the specific CD or the names of the veda pandits who recited it. Is anyone familiar with this recording?
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