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  1. Dear Guruji , TIME OF BIRTH : 5:14 am DATE OF BIRTH : 5 th jan, 72 PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY. : mumbai / maharashtra / india SEX : male Your current status : Service Educational background : Engineer: Work Industry and current salary : Distribution ad logistics in Dubai, UAE Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember : First Son birth in june, 2000; second son birth in jan-2009 Family background Father : Service -bank Mother : house wive Brothers : ONE elder : married having 2 kids Sisters : no sister My career has been with many breaks since 1999 which has led to instability in my family life as well with almost no savings in hand and no property bought so far for them. At present I am in Dubai since 2004. I just got baby boy delivered on 31st Jan, 09 at 06.07 am in Dubai , UAE. Please let me know if there are some breakthroughs in my career in future. Also, please check my new born's chart and inform how he wud do in his life. any good yogas or any health hazards for him ? Anticipating satisfactory guidance, Thanks, Eebibo
  2. Dear Sharmaji , Thanks for your help.Please note the details as below. Name : Dev Date of birth : 31st Jan 2009 Time of birth : 06.07 am Place of birth : Dubai , UAE Sex : Male Present Place of living : Dubai , UAE Please study and let me know abt the chart of the new born. How are the planet placements ? any good yogas in his chart ? Thanks, Manish
  3. Dear Divine Brothers & Sisters , Pranam to all of you !! My wife delivered baby boy on 31st Jan, 09 at 06.07 am in Dubai , UAE. After a week's time, the boy has been named as ' Dev ' . His chart shows Ju, Rahu, Mars , Sun in Capricorn Ascendent in first house. And he is born in Saturn Dasha. The boy is still showing jaundice yellow coloration since the first day though treated with photo therapy for a day. Request your kind selves to look into Dev's chart and throw some light as regards to health in particular and otherwise in general aspects of life. Does he need some remedies on urgent basis to avoid any probable health hazards ? Please advise. Thanks, Manish
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