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  1. when it is said that a human being is not god, it is refered to that untill we didnt relise that we are god. we are not god. but we are still god.... but only his lowest form..... his lower nature.... [until we go beyong it] . lower nature being all that we see - this illusionary world--the maya. the reason of life- is to reach the state of god which is unmanifested. which is brahman. which is afcorse beyong the maya and beyong all the misery and pain. until then we are still stupid animals cought in the webs of the 3 gunas. Sattwa, Raja, and tamas. but we will become god only after a long process, the reason they say we are god-its b/c its true,and it is said as a means to clean our mind for us not to be identified with the body... the mind...the ego.... the intellect.... or the three gunas. but if we think we are the body and the mind...and we arent cleaned .... how can we be god???? god is perfect.... we need to become perfect..... but we are him .... we just need to get it out........ allow him to bless us with supreme freedom. if you look at the bhagavad gita. it is said that only once a man is clean, when he is not affected by pleasure and pain, when he is unselfish, when he does everything for god, when he controlls his body and his mind,his emotions and his intellect, .. when we clean out our mind , when we destroy darkness with means of knowledge. and when we controll our desire we allow us to be freed from maya.... and we start to wonder about the truth... as we are no longer slaves to craves and our own selfish pointless needs. only then we reach sattwa.... a state in which we are able to learn about the truth.... a state of happiness but it is still not the highest state.... after a person goes beyong that state.......... he becomes unmanifested... once he leaves the body.... and he becomes one with the unmanifested...and is never born again. as thier is nothing to be born... if u are unmanifested.... b/c the personality our "i" is destroyed... there is nothing to be manifested... other wize... we will be born again and again... endlesly. may he bless you all with divine knowledge and happiness........ and may he bestow a long and happy life to Guruvani .
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