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  1. This is true, I'm embarrased to say. I've seen the moms just chit-chatting while the kids just play during sunday school. When I first went to the temple I got the the impression of a day care instead of sunday school. The kids were super lound and rowdy in there! Don't know if it's still like that, since I haven't stopped by. I know some girls try to do things with the kids, like arts and crafts and sometimes they do plays.




    Yes, in Kali yuga, everything is becoming corrupt. Even as much as 8 years ago there was such a big difference. I know because I remember the daily program for kids at the local ISKCON temple that I go to. 8 years ago things were very orderly. We had Guru puja and Tulsi puja (all done by the kids). We had a very good curriculum filled with a lot of important philosphy. Now, 8 years later, I am hearing complaints that the Sunday School isn't progressing. There is hardly any more philosophy. The Sunday School teachers are not making the curriculum age appropriate. Therefore many of the kids got bored, since they were not engaged enough. Now sometimes I pass rooms in that same temple, laughing and listening to real loud karmi music. What has ISKCON come to?

    (Mind you, I am not talking about all ISKCON centers).

  2. Hare Krishna,

    I personally don't like the idea of keeping animals in cages. I think they should be able to roam around naturally. Especially birds, yes, it may be more work for them (look for food, danger of predators), but that is their nature. In some situations animals are being kept captive to save the species, maybe in a zoo or a sactuary. This is a whole different situation, anyway this is just my personal opinion...




    Well I was thinking about adopting a little budgie but I am having a change of heart because someone brought it to my attention that it is wrong. He said it is taking away their right to freedom by putting them in a cage. Now, if only I had thought about that before. If I adopted one, wouldn't it mean I am supporting a cause to take away their freedom? So is it considered immoral to adopt one in your view? I have a friend who is a Krishna devotee but has a budgie. Is this considered okay? I am just curious on your views. Thanks :(

  3. sorry for asking but I noticed he used a colon ":" after his statement so I wondered if there was something missing under it.

    -I was in another computer earlier and the picture of Bhisma didn't show up.. im at my home computer now and I can now see the nice picture.


    thanks. and hare krishna.:pray:





    Suchandra prabhu is a very advanced Vaishnava and expects everyone to be just as advanced as him, therfore he thought there was no need to explain his statement.

  4. Does anyone have an answer for madanbhakta?


    I am wondering myself, what is the view on same sex marriages amost the movement? Did Srila Prabhupada ever mention anything regarding this topic?


    Hare Krishna.



    Thank you for providing that article. It does remind me though that I am somewhat in a pickle, because I have a same-sex (particularly non-sexual) relationship with a significant other. We are both male, and both Gaudiya Vaishnavas, although we are both from two different Missions. We both aspire to become initiated some day.


    I am wondering how such a call to gender roles come to play with such relationships. In any case, I do not mind taking the role of a servitor, and seeing him as my 'gurudeva'. If I can make him happy, then Krishna will be happy with me. :)

  5. I don't get it.. :/



    Early in his inventing career, Thomas Edison called all the newspaper reporters in town, into his laboratory for a demonstration. He had them all sitting in chairs, and in the middle of the room was a table. On the table was a glass sphere with a filament inside of it. Connected to this was a wire going to a generator. As he plugged in the generator, the glass sphere began to glow and lit up the whole room. The reporters were amazed, and they all jumped up to go out to file their stories. But Edison called out, "No, come back and sit down. That's not it." So the reporters all came back and sat down. And Edison bends down to the light and says ...... " H E L L O ? "

  6. What about waking up early to do your rounds..? probably better than doing it while driving.. I don't think japa mala should be done while driving. You are putting yourself and others in danger, since you are being distracted to chant your rounds.

    I usually just listen to devotional music, bhajans or kirtans in my car and I chant along.


    Hari Bol.



    Haribol, Brajeshwara Prabhu!


    I haven't been on the forum for a while and it's nice to see you.


    I chant while I'm driving, mainly because I'm on tour with my book right now and spend on average about four to five hours in my car everyday. The rest of the time I meeting people at my signings and in crowds. Since driving is the only time I have alone I use it to do my rounds.


    I make many offenses and I know that chanting while driving is terrible but I still do it. I know that otherwise I would be chanting at 10 or 11pm at night when I'm very tired and cannot focus and will be really inattentive anyway. And I don't like going to bed without chanting, although I've done that several times during this tour and I'm ashamed of it. So the only time I get is when I driving. I try to put on a tape of Prabhupada chanting and have that in the background as I chanting to give myself a bit more focus but I still know that it is inattentive and not an ideal situation.


    The only alternative is to not chant and I find that option difficult to swallow. I can't sleep properly if I haven't done my rounds.



  7. Thanks to everyone for your responses. Although, I wasn't looking for the meaning of evolution, who is right or who is wrong, or proving other devotees wrong. Anyway, I just need some support here.


    I did want to say that Darwin was a naturalist who on the voyage of the HMS Beagle through out South America took a few books with him one of the books he took was the Bible. So yes, he was a very religious person and so was his wife.



    With all due respect mohankrishna prabhu I find a lot of truth in shvu's post and there are legitemate sp? questions raised there.


    It is true that the mere evolution of forms doesnot challenge theism. The Supreme Intelligent Being may have arranged it that way. Now personally I do not accept Darwin's version and if I remeber right Darwin Himself believed in God. If I am wrong on that someone please correct me.


    However Darwin himself said the test of his theory would show up in all the fossils of the transitional forms if true and if there were no transitional forms then his theory could be considered false. There are none although according to Darwinianism there should be millions and millions of transitional forms. Darwin himself would not be a Darwinist today.


    The real objection to the mutitude of modern scientific theories is that they believe life or the conscious self is a product of a very special combination, of otherwise inert molecules that radomly came together and out popped life. it takes much more faith , blind faith even to believe in that scenario then to believe thatthere is a Universal Intelligence directioning universal function. Life comes from Life. That we can easily show. Examples are everywhere. Yet the materialist cannot show one example of combining inert molecules and producing life. Their level of blind faith and belief in this silly myth is astounding.


    And he is also right IMO to question the literalness of creation stories from various cultures. We as humans could not possibly comprehend the details of what goes into making a human form let alone the universe so we have been given simple stories to illustrate the basic point. In the beginning God. And from God all other things have emanated. The invocation to Sri Isopanishad covers this as well as Genesis 1.


    I believe in Jesus and see the story of Adam and Eve as a metaphor about the fall of soul into mundane duality. Apples were not the forbidden fruit. The forbidden fruit was the knowledge of good and evil, IOW mundane duality. This is the fall from transcendence as told to children ie us.


    SHVU's ok. He has been posting here for years. And Cheers is a Eurupean way of signing off that's all, as in...


    Cheers mate ;)

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