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  1. I'm doing a research project comparing Krishna and Christ. While looking through some books on the subject I came across this comment which confused me a little: For some time Nanda was unaware that Krishna was but a foster-child and not his own son after the flesh; so too, perhaps, Joseph who looked after the Child Jesus. What confused me was that this comment likens Nanda to Joseph (Jesus' "father"), when it seemed to me that Vasudeva would be a more obvious comparison. I've come to the conclusion that the person who wrote this passage sees Nanda and Yasoda moreso Krishna's parents than Vasudeva and Devaki though, so I have this question: Was Yasoda pregnant before Vishnu set his plan to be incarnated in motion, making Yasoda somewhat of "virgin mother" to Krishna, or was Yasoda's pregnancy something that occured beforehand? In other words, was the baby conceived by Yasoda that was switched with Krishna of divine conception?
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