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  1. I understand that, thanks Guest. But why is it that whenever God reincarted himself he did that in India? In my opinion, Indians have the strongest and oldest history, religious culture and beliefs, possesion of Vedas, presence of rishi munis, chirinjeeves etc? Infact, we even claim that the 'accupenture' is also Indian that was later taken by the Chinese. We also claim that in shastras there is already a mention of 'Australia' as 'Australisia' where in ancient times we used to keep our weapons. In shastras we know that 'brhamastras' (now known as nuclear weapons) were already being used. Our books say, there are 'teen loks' prithvi, petal and swarg and there were lives in all of these worlds. So has the whole world been India for years and years? How do we explain the coming of different people/culture etc. May be there is no answer to this and I am just confusing people! Sorry!
  2. Will someone explain that if God is one then why do we have different 'Almighties' for different religions. For example, if Hindus believe God is one then why don't we believe that, for example, Jesus is one of our god and talked about in Vedas as (perhaps) one of the incarnations of Vishnus?
  3. hello! Nice to meet you too! I think you are doing great work. I will look out for your book as I dont know much about Mirabai. I have also started to do Yoga. My mum has recently taught me some great tricks to it. Talking about acting I was being shot for a TV ad yesterday By the way, I think we held your username responible for people not knowing you are a girl
  4. Sorry, I don't know what you are trying to say?
  5. hmmm.. some interesting people.. definitely!
  6. I know its not a spiritual discussion but there was no where else to put this thread. It would be nice if I can get to know a little bit more about you regulars here. Where are you from? what do you do? where do you live etc? I live in Australia and work full-time in I.T. I am a hindu by birth but have just started to learn/know more about Hindusim. I just finished watching Mahabharat. It was eye-opening. We were so civilised and cultured and now .. hmm...!!!
  7. Thanks for deleting the offensive stuff!
  8. According to Swami Ramdev, hanumanji didn't burn Lanka. Lanka was made of gold and you can't burn gold. Swami Ramdev advises that Shani dev was in the captivity of Ravana. When Hanumanji were departing from Lanka (after meeting with Sita), they found Shani dev tied up. Hanumanji helped freeing Shani dev and getting out of Lanka. When Shani dev were leaving wherever their 'drishti' (sight) fell the place started to burn. Shani dev is known for this characterstic - they can get very angry and burn stuff. And this is how Lanka was all burnt. Because Hanumanji helped Shani dev they both became friends with him. And that is why if your rashi is Mangal or you worship Hanuman, you will not be harmed by Shani dev if you have a 'sadesati' (Shani pravesh in your rashi).
  9. How amazing it would be to be a part of that world when bhagwan incarnates and destroys evil. Like Krishna was in Mahabharat. I wish I was Draupadi since she was so near and dear to krishna and she saw it all! Although she was a bit of a whinger
  10. Wow! thats very informative! thanks a lot!
  11. Great stuff Thx. so pandavas did die..
  12. I don't have any knolwedge of what vedas says but why that we always seem to know half of the story. what happened "after" the war of Mahabharat? Why did Ved Vyas not write anything after that? Where did Pandavas go? What happened to Abhimanuy's child? What happened to their Clan? Who is the vanshas of Pandavas? What happened to Rukmani? I demand answers! Seriously, I am curious as to what the books really say? Where does the story end in case of Mahabharat for example?
  13. Hi there, I can't seem to post in the "Most Interesting Threads" part of the Forum. It says 'I may not have sufficient access/privileged rights' or 'I may need to register'. I am already a registered member. Can someone help?
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