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  1. Aum Gratitude is best attitude. Thank god for everything. God experiences life thru you..your soul is his part...u body his instrument..life is expressed and demonstrated thru you...weare his individualistic form...everyone we know of is he...he is equally present in all species to species of stunted consciousness like blade of grass...life we know of emanates from within us..You are here to express and experience every aspect of divinty that you could bring thru yourself in encounter with physical life..so can god thru medium of yr soul Mind will create one story after another to convince us that what is really true in spiritual and metaphysical level is not true...he is like pouring the tea into cup with no bottom and he is swearing that what is so...is not so...and what is not so...is so and hence putting us into illusion thru his only medium which is "reason" God is beyond reason..when you get across dense forest of "reasons"...you blissfully enter into spiritual kingdom of "belief" What we believe determines what we make true.Our perception of reality is determined by our belief.Dwelling created doubt and Release create belief.
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