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  1. hello Usrji, thanks for the clarification regarding the yogam. I have emailed you..please do reply back. thanks naha
  2. hello usrji, i am waiting for your detailed reply..please do study my horoscope...i shall be obliged.
  3. hello USRji my doubts are regarding my career as a doctor in USA...things havent workd in my favor so far....hence i am wondering if i should still hang in there and keep trying or change to a different field (related to medicine) also the yogam you mentioned guru chandal....how will it affect my career..will it remain for life or the phase will end. i have already given my particulars in this forum hence please feel free to reply here.
  4. hello astroseeker, No I am not employed...by change in profession i meant that i should not think of being a doctor in US anymor and try to get admission in public health or something like that...i will have to study first in US in order to work here.. ur views
  5. hello astroseeker and usrji please do provide some insight regarding my career in USA is a change in profession indicated?/ i am really worried
  6. hello astroseeker i joined MD in India in May 1999...completed in April 2002...one gets paid in india during MD also. then I joined the same hospital as a senior resident in July 2002 and resined in April 2003...In april 2003 I came to USA hope this helps waiting for more insight dear USRji..I was told about a Gajkesari yog in my chart...is it same as guruchandal yog...i am naive in these matters...hence this question please guide thanks
  7. hello respected sirs, I am still facing a very low in my career...disappointments in gtting into residency in the United States. please do advise if a career in medicine is foreseen.. waiting for a response eargerly thanks naha
  8. Hello USRji, Thanks for the detailed analysis of our charts. We shall do the needful. I am glad that to know that my placement of stars(planets) favours him. I hope it is vice versa too. Thanks once again for all the help. naha
  9. ours was a conventional marriage...arranged by our parents with proper matching of horoscopes....in india.` horoscopes were matched separately by my family and his and both family pundits had consented for the match. hope this helps naha (both of us are manglik according to Indian pundits)
  10. hello USRji, I havent quite understood the question..hence I dont know what to reply.. what peculiarity do u see??? we have our differences..but I guess every marriage has that....otherwise we are pretty stable. Naha
  11. Here are our details: 1. My husband came to USA in August 1999. Did his Masters and PhD in Engineering..completed PhD in 2005. Joined job in jan 2006. currently working in the same company..lots of job related tensions...(he faced tensions in his job in India as well...so he was keen to come to USA..thinking that it would be better here) 2.We got married on 12th Dec 2002. I came to USA in April 2003. I resigned from my job in India in April. Am a doctor by profession. Since I came to USA I am unemployed...although I dont blame anyone for that as the process of getting into medicine is timeconsuming and cumbersome in America. We had a baby in October 2007. let me know if this will suffice. Naha
  12. USRji thanks for the acknowledgement naha
  13. Hello gurujis My husband is going thru a rough phase in his career..is an engineer by profession(PhD also) but is not satisfied...job tensions are always present when will his problems end? We live in USA. His details are: date of birth : 6th July 1974 time of birth : 07:50 am place of birth :Kota, Rajasthan, India. Also, I have heard that the chart of wife is capable of influencing the professional and financial rise of her husband. Please do provide some insight from my chart too... my details are: DOB 18 oct 1975 Time: 9:15 pm Place New Delhi thanks in advance naha <!-- / message -->
  14. Thanks Vipin for your valuable advise...yes I have started worshipping to surya devta...i shall do ganesh pooja as well as advised by you.. Also it would be very kind if you could estimate when will Sun be more favourable from my chart....ie when will I be able to pursue my career in the United States. thanks once again
  15. Date of birth 18th October 1975 Time of birth 9:15 pm Place of birth New Delhi some one told me that I have gaj kesari yog ..is this true. I would like to know its effects on my career if present..currently I am facing a low in my profession..please do advise!!
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