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  1. Dear Tara ! I have seen your chart and there is a problem.You have curse of brahmana,Brahmana Shrapa,from past life and it is about your marriage.Saturn rules your 6th and 7th house and aspects your Jupiter.I do not know which remedy is for that,since i am amateur astrologer,maybe some colleagues know better.For financial situation and better relationships with people worship Mahalakshmi.Good luck,Robert
  2. Dear friends ! I have seen your ad about free jyotish analysis.My name is Robert. Born 5 December in Zenica,Bosnia Herzegowina at 8:59 AM. I am in very serious period of my life and I have many obstacles in accomplishing my goals.I have problems with starting business and also many love problems.Which type of business or job is the best for me ? Should I start my own business or find employment by someone ? One jyotishi told me that in my chart stands that some deity is angry on me,from my past life.What to do about it ? Also what are other problems in my chart and what remedial measures should I do ? Thanks
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