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  1. See, i feel that prioritizing or putting one over the other has been the work of people who wanted supremacy some time back in history...that's why we have had instances where it is discovered that even historical notes have been modified and so have been spiritual scriptures. Tantriks and shaivites have been always looked down upon... Dirty practices as they say.. how wrong and how pathetic such statements can be.. There is absolutely no point wasting mental energy discussing this that's who is above whom. god is one hindus r just getting divided. if v had been a small community somewhere in the world, v would have been more knowledgeable, tolerant, and most importantly united. our diversity should not bring upon divisions...
  2. I feel both of them are the same. It's our shallow knowledge that we diffrentiate. 1.'Om' the ultimate syllable and omkareshwar, lord shiva's name. 2. Sadashiva : one who has no beginning and no end. this discussion is the result of someone trying to divide hindus, because the greatest of attained people whom we hardly get to see, are not vaishnav or shaivite, they just know god as pranav. There is nothing such as insult to lord shiva because before aryans came, dravidians worshipped and knew only lord shiva. Are they the fallen race? no way..
  3. Jai gurudev please send me the sabar mantras at vamparox@gmail.com i would be highly grateful .i need them urgently thank you
  4. If you could please send hanuman, durga and vashikaran sabar mantra to vamparox@gmail.com, i would be highly grateful jai gurudev
  5. I would be highly grateful if you could share this invaluable knowledge of mantras with me at vamparox@gmail.com . If any help reqd on any mantra, i would like to help you in return or atleast tyr my best
  6. could anyone please send me vashikaran mantra
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    Try Gayatri sadhna
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