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  1. Thank you iloveamma! I do meditate on ganapati mantra for few weaks now. I even started to pray to Ganesha. Prayer for me is like talking with the god. It is beter now and i don't fell no blockade and i even started to be more physicaly active and that hellps me a lot. For now i'm opening chakras more through physical activetis and similar. And of corse i do Surya Namaskara.
  2. I will consider about that but i did however found out what is hapening with me ! I did to much of practise for beginners mind and i didn't sleep enough!! So now i have slow down myself and i'm doing less and slowly mowing up. I also stoped repeting mool ganesh mantra and i will start doing some prayers on ganes and songs for the beginning ... thank you all!!!!
  3. Interesting... I live in slovenia!
  4. I'm going to the forest (not wood sorry) and i'm doing japa!
  5. I have a quaestion and i don't know where to post it so i've decided that i will post it here (hope it's ok). So i need hellp with my condition. Two times a day i'm doing (in the morning 30 minutes and in the evening for one hour) chakra shuddi dharana, Surya Namaskara in the morning (three cycles), whene i'm at work i chant Ganesh mool mantra (with no hellp of mala) and after evening dharana i do japa on ganesha mantra and after work in the woods if i can, too! So what my problem is, is that through almost all day i feel that i have some blockade in my head and in my heart and stomack, too! Why is that? Is it that because my chakras (and body as well) are cleaning or opening? Is that because i'm doing to much sadhana? Will it get better? What to do? I'm doing all that for almost a month now! Hope you can hellp, Have a great day or night, Namaste to all!
  6. Thank you both of you! I will try to find what coused that imense anger and fear but it is hard. But i can tell you that now the enger is lower every day since i've started doing chakra shuddhi dharana. Mantravid i have started to read it and it is great book!!!
  7. Hy to all! I would like to ask you (if that is ok) if there is anyone that can tell me what Mool and Gayatri Ganesh Mantra means (in detail please, if you can) [you can even tell me what words in mantra means if you want or if you know) and when and why to chant them: Aum srim hrim klim glaum gam ganapataye vara varada sarva janamme vashamanaya svaha Aum ekadantaya vidmahe vakratundaya dhimahi tanno dantih prachodayat I'm also interested about what were your experiences or positive effects on chanting one of those two mantras or what to expect! Namaste to all!
  8. Hy! I have a problem and i hope that you can hellp me!! I am very angry person and when it comes to a some kind of a problem that i do not like i become very engry. I do meditate and do yoga for a few month but i fell that i have to control or to remove anger. I am tring but i feel that i need some meditation techniqu that will speed up my denunciation of anger. I also live in a house full of bad energy (if you know what i meen) with bad parents and it is harder for me to get control over the anger fast. Pleas help! Namaste to all!
  9. Hy to all, Can someone desribe me how ankusha mudra looks like or if you have a picture of it? I'm asking this because i have found mantra for drinking water. Before you drink water you use ankusha mudra for invoking mantra into water.
  10. I'm doing my best in upasana and i am sure to that Vigneswara will send me a proper guru ... But until there is no guru in human form, i will read a lot and learn from nature and other peoples...
  11. Many thanks again. I will get in touch with that center soon. I have visited the Tara Yoga Center in Ljubljana but only the Beginners class. I will go in next class as soon as i could!!!... In the beginners class we have worked more on asanas as on pranayamas. O and there is more. I don't think that i can hold my brath for so long that i will repeat mantra for 4 times !... Is it ok if i say om gam when i inhale and during retention i say ganapataye and when i exhale i say namah... Or is it beter to go like 1 (one mantra - om gam ganapataye namaha):1(one mantra - om gam ganapataye namaha):1(one mantra - om gam ganapataye namaha)???
  12. Many thanks to you!!!!! Now i will use only the power of the sound (mantra). But i don't understand what you mean with those numbers: 1:4:2. I wil repeat only mantra now but hot to breathe when i maditate and how i use mantra with breath? Is it like this: When i breath in I utter mantra (om gam ganapataye namah) at the same time or how (how is with breath here) . Because i think that with right usage of mantra and breath one becomes more concentrated and so on.
  13. I have one more quaestion ! Tell me if my meditation is correct?? When i meditate on Ganesa mantra (Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha) i concentrate on Ajna when i say Om, on Muladhara when i say Gam, on Anahata when i say Ganapataye and when i say Namah i concentrate only on mantra. I would concentrate on image of Ganesh too, but i don't know what form do i have to use to visualaze. Can you hellp me? Thanks to all for patience!
  14. Thanks. It's more complicated then i've tought ... Can you or some on give me a list of Ganapati texts or if you can recommand me some good books on Ganapati or tantrik texts from amazon.com so that i will order them!?
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