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  1. I don't know about winning the lotto. But I think its lovely that the mudras can help people heal. I am sure no one would be offended having the mudras used in this way. All the best Diana
  2. Have you heard of the healing symbols of Sanjeevini? They are easy to use and you can print them off your computer. (Theres one for brain power, better memory etc..) http://www.saisanjeevini.org/frames.htm
  3. This site has quite a bit of information with regards to Mudras. http://www.100megsfree.com/yoga/index.html I have started using them for weight loss, eye problems, and ear problems. Apparently it isn't necessary to sit in meditation. The actual holding the position of the hands is all that is necessary, so you can do it as you are walking...sitting in the car or any other suitable time. I must admit I do not have such an appetite since doing the weight loss mudra. All the best Diana
  4. I am interested in hearing from anyone using Mudras and any success stories they may have to tell. I have only just discovered them and have been facinated since. With kind regards, Diana http://www.cafepress.com/omsymbol
  5. My husband was suffering a "right" (thank goodness) flickering eye and found by using the mudra for eye it has stopped. Hold the tip of your thumb to your ring and little fingers for as long as you can or until the flickering stops. Kind regards, Diana
  6. Has anyone tried the Mudra for losing weight. Place your ring fingers at the base of your thumb and the hold down with your thumbs. I have just started it and hoping its working..so far so good Diana
  7. To view a selection of "Om" apparel, please go to: http://www.cafeshops.com/omsymbol 100% guaranteed With kind regards, Diana
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