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  1. Prabhus, Haribol. Sorry if this is bit irrelevant in this forum. But I want buy a perfect voice recorder to record pravachans of all Maharajas who visit our temple. Can you pls share your thoughts as to which is the best. Waiting for your answers. ys -Sashi
  2. Thakura BhaktiVinoda says that amar-guru jagat-guru advocates are actually at the lowest level of conception
  3. Any bhajan that glorifies krishna is essentially a HareKrishna Bhajan...However devotees prefer to listen from another devotee rather than Karmi who may sing for his own glorification or money ..point is Bhakti not melody and by all means never meant to be hostile...Haribol
  4. Whe you have faith that my Guru is the eternal Servant of krishna who can help me cross the material ocean then that is Guru Bhakti But when say my Guru is the only Guru who can do it and rest cannot is what personality cultism and morever vaishnava aparadh
  5. Why are you posting in HK forum if you do not want HK bhajans ?
  6. Anand prabhuji, very nice and balanced response keep it up haribol
  7. Is it a mundane program or some spiritual video or discourse ?
  8. sashin


    Haribol Prabhu, You can ask some devotees at berkely iskcon or san jose iskcon. http://www.berkeleytemple.com/ http://www.virtualtemple.org alternatively they also sell some tulasi plants sometimes at fremont hindu temple. I would suggest you to get one from a devotee though. haribol
  9. Anand Prabhuji, thanks a lot for your amazing response...i rarely eat pizza outside but now I will try not to eat...but as you said its horrifying to know what is contianed in this cheese.. ys -Sashi
  10. Oh does this mean we cannot eat vegetarian pizza outside ? It would be great if each one of you say your opinion on that
  11. avajananti mam mudha manusim tanum asritam param bhavam ajananto mama bhuta-mahesvaram SYNONYMS avajananti--deride; mam--Me; mudhah--foolish men; manusim--in human form; tanum--body; asritam--assuming; param--transcendental; bhavam--nature; ajanantah--not knowing; mama--Mine; bhuta--everything that be; maha-isvaram--the supreme proprietor. TRANSLATION Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form. They do not know My transcendental nature and My supreme dominion over all that be.
  12. >>He who knows all speaks naught, he who thinks he knows speaks forever. Just wondering then what made you speak here ?
  13. Haribol Nitesh Prabhuji, May I humbly ask you what is the highest goal of our life according to you or your spiritual preceptors ? Because that would decide the nature , sadhana ,path or sampradaya, your stand on various issues etc in fact everything And before you ask..I would like to let you know Mahaprabhu gave us that Krishna Prema is the highest goal of life.. ys -Sashi
  14. sashin


    Keep it going Peter...Krishna is with us... Haribol
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