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  1. But then the odds for these "heavenly souls" must be extremely small to be number 1 in the sperm race... 1 out of billions of other competitors...
  2. Thank you for the link! I did not understand what you meant with "Such bluffs don´t advance your argument very well" Who is bluffing?
  3. In the Vedas it is said that the stars are like the Moon, but here in the West the scientists say that the stars are like the Sun... So I would like to know if somebody here knows if there really is any evidence of the stars being like the Sun? The most strange thing is that if you want to find out webpages about how the Sun in our Solarsystem was Created you won´t find anything at all... You only find pages about how the scientists think the stars were created, and when you mention this strange oddity to people they just say that: "- But our Sun is anyway a Star so why do you need to read about how our own Star was created, when you anyway get the information by reading about how the other stars were created" As if they would know that there is no difference between the Sun and the stars... Anybody here who can help me out on this...? Any webpages with more detailed information regarding this topic?
  4. The proof: Go to Galileowaswrong.com So Galileo and Copernicus got it completely wrong! Of course the Sun-god together with his entourage are revolving the Earth! Otherwise not even astrology would work, which is based on a Geocentric Solar system.
  5. So if there is no entrances to the Inner Earth at the Poles, how come then that the Poles are the most militarized zones in the whole world? If there is nothing to hide?
  6. Are the lower worlds (the 7 Subterranean Heavenly planetary systems) then situated WITHIN the Earth? In Bhagavatam it´s namely said that the dimensions of the 7 Subterranean worlds fit exactly with the dimensions of the Earth, which is very interesting, to say the least... Can there then be any truth to the theories regarding openings at the Poles to the Inner Earth?
  7. What is the scientific explanation; who is causing the gravitational pull? Srila Prabhupada said it´s actually Ananta Sesa who is causing the gravitation!
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