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  1. If Maha-Vishnu is lying in Causal Ocean in yoga-nidra sleeping for eternity, without ever waking up, then that should mean that the material space (the cloud in the spiritual sky) is also eternal!?
  2. Before the material universes are created again (after the 100 years of all the Brahma creators), is there any time and space before the creation? Is the relative space-time eternal? Does it exist even between the lives (also 100 years?) of the Brahmas? If yes, then the "cloud" in the spiritual sky exists eternally!?!
  3. So we, spirit souls, atma, is not conscious?
  4. Is it true that the spirit soul, atma, is only desiring and nothing more? And that it is the mind which is perceiving (pains and pleasures) the world we live in, and not the spirit soul? If it is the mind which is conscious about the pains and pleasures, and not the soul, does it then mean that it is actually the mind which is conscious, or? But then what about the mind which is part of the 8 separate material energies? Somebody who could clear this up for me?
  5. This I never heard about...interesting...where have you read or heard that?
  6. How to explain this: http://atinyglimpse.ytmnd.com/ ...when it is supposed to be impossible to see other universes... Btw, is our galaxy equivalent to one Brahmanda or are there millions of Brahmandas in our galaxy?
  7. This is a common question from people who do not believe in God or a Designer. They say that the nipples for men do not fulfill any function. What to answer?
  8. They are heavenly planetary systems, Bila Svarga, these subterranean worlds...
  9. OK, thanks! Anybody knows if life on earth started with water, then plants, animals and last humans? Or is it just an darwinian idea?
  10. Who is the progenitor of the animals? Lord Brahma? Manu? Any other prajapati? Created 2 of each animal? And did the life on earth start first with the life in water and then gradually the plants and animals created and last the man, or? Any information anywhere on this topic?
  11. ...past, future and impermanence has no meaning in the personal pastimes of Krishna and His Vishnu expansions because everything is always happening now. http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/1051552-post1.html
  12. So there is past and future in the spiritual world?
  13. There is no past or future in the spiritual world, only an eternal NOW, but couldn´t one say that this is absolute time, time which cannot be related to in terms of yesterday and tomorrow? And if there is an yesterday and tomorrow, how can it then be only NOW? In the spiritual world Krishna is the Time, but how is it functioning there? And what about the space? Here in the material world the space is relative, it can be measured and related, but what about the space in the spiritual world?
  14. Thank you so much for your quotes!
  15. This is a typical argument from the atheistic class of men... What is your best answer to such people? Did Srila Prabhupada have any standard answer on this challenging question?
  16. I just thought that he is an authority since he was nominated the reverential task to translate the continuation of the Srimad Bhagavatam which Srila Prabhupada didn´t finish...
  17. Thank you for the clarification! http://www.geocities.com/dipalsarvesh/mahavishnu.jpg In this picture also without Ananta Sesa, but of course, sastra says that Ananta Sesa should be also there! Here we can see all of the 3 Purusa-avatars, each with Lord Ananta Sesa... http://www.bhagavadgitausa.com/GOVINDA.htm Anybody knows if also Ananta Sesa with Ksirodakasayi Vishnu upholds something on His hoods, like the other two?
  18. http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/primer/java/scienceopticsu/powersof10/index.html As you all can see, The Earth is 1000 yojanas wide and the cell of a plant is 1/1000 of a yojana wide...
  19. Don´t you mean the stars and the planets within each universe? I have never read or seen a depiction of Maha-Vishnu resting on Lord Ananta-Sesa, only Garbhodakasayi Vishnu.
  20. Do we have Hridayananda Maharaja or somebody of his caliber here who could settle this out?
  21. So then the material manifestation is both finite and infinite at the same time?
  22. Is there a limit to the material world, or is it limitless? Since the material part of the creation is 1/4 and the spiritual world is unlimited, shouldn´t then also the material world be without limits? Because if the material world has a limit, it would mean that the spiritual world is unlimited times bigger than the material... On the other hand, since all the universes eventually will go back into Mahavishnus body, it seems that there IS a limit to the material world, otherwise how could all the universes go back, and then out and in, out and in for eternity?
  23. But there is a soul also in the egg-cell before the soul in the sperm hits the egg...so what happens to that soul in the egg at the conception?
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