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    Here's an excerpt from the Upanishads:


    "That which makes the tongue speak but which cannot be spoken by the tongue--that alone is God, not what people worship. That which makes the mind think but which cannot be thought by the mind--that alone is God, not what people worship.

    That which makes the eye see but which cannot be seen by the eye--that alone is God, not what people worship.

    If you think that you know God, you know very little, all that you can know are ideas and images of God." -- The Upanishads


    Really nice quote!


    Do you happen to know in which of the Upanishads?


    The beginning of time did not start with the Big Bang. Time started with the primeval Lord Govinda (Kalpataru Krsnah), the controller of time. This is confirmed in Brahma-samhita(5.40): " I worship Govinda the primeval Lord by whose personal effulgence the unlimited brahmajyoti is manifested. In that brahmajyoti there are innumerable universes and each is filled with innumerable planets."


    There were not even any "Big Bang"...it´s just a fantasy-theory of the "scientists"... :smash:


    Does this verse say that there is only one sun in the universe which is the only source of universal light or that sunlight which illuminates all this universe only comes from sun alone of which there could be many?

    Clearly it is just an analogy to show the real point which is how consciousness radiates from and a specific point i.e. the soul of that body.


    TRANSLATION Bg 13.34


    O son of Bharata, as the sun alone illuminates all this universe, so does the living entity, one within the body, illuminate the entire body by consciousness.



    "There are various theories regarding consciousness. Here in Bhagavad-gītā the example of the sun and the sunshine is given. *As the sun is situated in one place, but is illuminating the whole universe, so a small particle of spirit soul, although situated in the heart of this body, is illuminating the whole body by consciousness. .."


    *Clearly Prabhupada is repeating the teachings of the vedas that the there is only one sun in the entire universe.


    Just as clearly this is not correct.


    The problem is if Krishna is actually teaching there is only one sun but there are actually billions then how do we accept that as God's word on the matter?

    Thank you so much for dispelling my doubt!


    It's a two way street. The brain allows the mind (subtle energy) to interact with the grosser world of water fire earth etc. Thoughts come into the brain from the mind. But sense perception flows through the brain to the mind and this effects the nature of future thoughts.


    There is a dynamic flow between the two continuously to the point of death at which time memory which is stored in the subtle intelligence, stores that life's experiences in terms of the events themselves along with the impressions they have made.


    Where we strongly disagree with the material scientists is they consider mind to be a product of the brain which ceases at physical death.


    Thank You!




    Mind never exist within your body. It is those wave forms outside your body that your Brain is receiving. Brain dies. Mind never dies.



    The mind do not exist within the body?


    But the soul exists within the body? By the heart-chakra, or?


    The mind do not die even when one goes back to the spiritual world?


    The movement of two objects can be described in many ways, depending on the reference point we chose. However, it is completely false to claim that heliocentric description is incorrect (Earth is spinning around its axis while spinning around the Sun) and that only Earth centred descriptions (Sun rotates around Earth) are true.


    Danavir swami has no formal science training and most of what he writes is just a faith based religious propaganda.

    But here is scientific proof, from the new book "Galileo was Wrong", that we in fact live in a geocentric world:















    VIDEO: "Mysteries of the sacred Universe": (48 min)







    Heliocentrism is in fact only built on assumptions:







    Scientific reviews of the book "Galileo was Wrong":



    "There exists no better exposition of the history and science of geocentrism. Very highly recommended and a must for all those interested in the issues surrounding geocentrism today"


    - Gerardus Bouw, Ph.D., Astronomy


    "In their over 700-page book, Drs. Sungenis and Bennett make a convincing case for the special and central position of the earth in the cosmos"


    - Vincent Schmithorst, Ph.D., Physics


    "Galileo Was Wrong is a work of monumental proportion which ranks, in my opinion, on a par with the meticulous observations of the Danish astronomer, Tycho Brahe, and the tireless efforts of Walter van der Kamp"


    - Neville Jones, Ph.D., Physics


    "In their new book, Sungenis and Bennett take no prisoners...Now that the Enlightenment is over, it was inevitable that the system upon which it was based should come in for the powerful critique which Sungenis and Bennett provide. Not inevitable, however, was the brilliant way they provide it"


    - E. Michael Jones, Ph.D., ed. Culture Wars


    "Sungenis and Bennett examine the anomalies that arise from the Copernican model...A must read for those who can set aside prejudices and a priori assumptions"


    - Joseph Strada, Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering


    "The book Galileo Was Wrong forcefully addresses the history, science, theological, philosophical, and worldview implications of our place in the universe"


    - Russell T. Arndts, Ph.D., Chemistry, LSU


    "It is with pleasure that I remand this volume into the hands of the reader"


    - Martin Selbrede, Chief Scientist, Unipixel


    "Robert Sungenis and Robert Bennett have done a great service to science and to men of good will. Those who see the universe as the handiwork of the benevolent God need no longer be subservient to fairy tales"


    - Anonymous, Ph.D., MIT


    "Galileo Was Wrong is a model for the kind of scholarship we need today -- intellectual understanding not as an end in itself, but as a commitment to reality, infused with moral passion, love for the earth, common sense and philosophical sensitivity"


    - Caryl Johnston, M. Ed., Jefferson Medical College

  6. I read in the book "Vedic Cosmology" by Danavir Goswami that the Earth actually is not spinning around its axis! :eek2:



    But if not, how then to explain all the satellites orbiting the Earth, which are programmed according to the Earths supposed spinning...?


    And also astronauts who have gone to spaceflight missions, they all say that they could see the Earth spinning around its axis...



    If the Earth is NOT spinning around its axis, it would mean that all the stars in the universe are circling around the Earth ones EVERY DAY...sounds really far out!! :eek3:



    I am a little bit in doubt, somebody who could clear this out?


    I have no difficulty believing in the geocentric model, that the Earth actually is in the middle of the universe, and the Sun and the planets are circling around the Earth, but that the stars are circling around the Earth each and every day... :eek2:




    nice, I will read the book


    Lord Shiva= Demi-god Shiva

    Lord Sadashiva= God Shiva, expansion of Lord Krsna


    Also I have heard about a ParamShiva and it is said that this ParamShiva is the Suprem Person (Shaivism from Cachemira)


    so this ParamShiva is the same Lord Krsna?

    thanks and Hare Krsna


    So a jiva-soul can take the position of the demigod Shiva, in the same way as the jiva can take the position of the demigod Brahma? :confused:


    Yes, that is interesting, one for the Causal Ocean to reveal.


    Perhaps the timing for a new mahat-tattva to be created is determined in the transcendental realm by the autocratic will of Sri Krsna, Sri Narayana. Our only estimate of the interval is the length of time our current Brahma enjoys.


    But since pradhana still is manifested, it must mean that there always (for eternity) will be ome kind of "material cloud" in the spiritual sky, or?


    ISKCON's founder acarya, Srila Prabhupada recommended that children follow Ekadasi day, fasting from grains and beans beginning at five years old. This is because sinful reactions take shelter of grains on Ekadasi and those who have attained the age of five years of age will be sheltered from the sinful reaction by following the Ekadasi fast. Also five years of age is a good time to remember Krsna considering the stories of Prahlada and Dhruva Maharajas.


    I always thought that is when one comes at the age of puberty, around 12, when one starts to be responsible for one´s actions, and when one starts to commit sinful actions...


    OK then, around the age of 5, but is there any sastric evidence on this?


    If this material universe (or perhaps any material universe) is continually undergoing cycles of manifestation and unmanifestation, then yes, it is eternal in accordance with that perspective. And if, when maha-pralaya occurs for this material universe at the end of 'our' Brahma's lifetime, another material universe is manifested in the same akash allotted for 'this' current material universe in which we all currently dwell by another jiva holding the position and title of 'Brahma' (and this process has neither a beginning nor an end), then this material universe (and perhaps ALL material universes) are eternal in that particular sense.


    If all the Universes dissolve when Maha-Vishnu inhales, and goes into His body, then the question is, is there still manifest during His inahalation the material space?


    If not, that would mean that there is no material world (no material space and time) what so ever during the inhalations of Maha-Vishnu...?

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