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  1. does one just need to think of the supreme god at the time of death? is there anywhere where it is said so?
  2. Shri Krishna said, "Arjuna, One may be desirous of praising by reciting the thousand names. But, on my part, I feel praised by one shloka[url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shloka"]. There is no doubt about it."
  3. In hinduism, there are many things that science can't proove and has prooven. Such as when we say trees are living, science proves that later on. Or about the bridge between india and sri lanka, science has been able to see that using sattelite systems. So from this, do you think that most facts in hinduism are going to be proven slowly by science as everything that hinduism says is true?
  4. I was wondering that because you mostly think of that person and it does take your mind away from the lord so is this bad or something Lord Krishna think of as normal for us?
  5. In bhagavatam purana, it is stated that whenever the supreme incarnated, he brings his original home to earth just as he did in rama avatar, krishna avatar, and chaitanya mahaprabhu avatar. All this is explained in the bhagavat purana. for 2nd question, whoever you worship, that is where you would go to. If you dearly worship krishna, you go to goloka. Vishnu-Vaikuntha, and rama-ayodhya. They all provide unlimited enjoyment, pastimes, and service to the supreme. they are not really different because rama, vishnu, and krishna are all one. But krishna is the original personality of godhead and his plant goloka is the biggest planet shaped like a lotus. I do not know the simple yes/no response as probably nothing has been said about your question.
  6. Hari Dhaama is a dhaama of goloka, mathura, dwarika, navadvipa, and ayodhya, and vaikuntha. the dhamas are collectively named hari dhaama since krishna is the original hari from everyone else such as rama, chaitanya mahaprabhu incarnate. The reason (in your explanation), goloka (krishna), hari (in this case vishnu) and ayodhya (rama) are seperarted is because these are the 3 main dhamas among haari dhama. In goloka, krishna eternally resides, in vaikuntha (in you caase hari dhama)-4 armed form of lord vishnu resides, and in ayodhya-lord rama eternally resides. Dvarika, navadvipa, and mathura are not mentioned is because 1) the lord himself does not incarnate to rid the earth of evil and 2) these are not krishna's homes, but the places he lived after he left his home. None the less, all dhamas are very important and contain a form of the supreme.
  7. yes, there are others as well but these might be the most important. As for other questions, they might not show ayodhya because it is the kingdom of lord ram while the other 4 are kingdoms of lord krishna. and because almost all sites focus on lord krishna, only description of his kingdom is given. Despite the fact that chaitanya mahaprabhu and lord ram are lord krishna himself, they will now show navadvipa or ayodhya as they do not have anything to do with krishna himself( in his original form).
  8. For all the-dhamas, visit this: http://www.veda.harekrsna.cz/planetarium/index.htm it will answer most of your questions, search the site and you will find answer to probably all questions.
  9. You can search google and find legit sites. If you go to india, you will find many stores with many puranas. I found a link with bhavishya purana, it may not be complete, i don't know but it is a bit lenghty. http://www.astrojyoti.com/BhavishyaPurana.htm
  10. I agree, here is an interesting link: http://www.veda.harekrsna.cz/planetarium/index.htm
  11. In the krishna series, Shri Krishna's teacher sandipani described the ART OF DYING which may be one of the most important things you can do or learn. In it, he said, at the last moment of life, chant the supreme lord's name and be in a state of supreme lord's conciousness. I also heard from some one that by doing this at the last moment, that person attains the supreme lord and he is relieved from the circle of life and death. Does anyone have any specific reference from bhagavatam or other puranas so i can read it? or if you have anything to add to this.
  12. Anyone know where to read kalki purana in english, i found one in sanscrit or devarangi but i can't find it in english. I also found other major 18 puranas in english but they are not complete and only long summaries. does anyone know where to get these and kalki purana?
  13. this is what i heard in vishnupuran but online, it says 12.
  14. I read that rama's brother laxman was shesha naag incarnation, bharat was sudarshana chakra incarnation, and shatrughna was conch incarnation. These are all of vishnu's weapons while rama was lord vishnu himself. Any idea on this?
  15. anyone know that these are? and does anyone know how many kalas do other gods and demigods have? i know about 64 qualities but what is kala?
  16. I read this articles. Read other articles on the website where you found this article. I have read them all and they are all great. www.stephen-knapp.comkrishnas tu bhagavan svayam- Lord Sri Krishna is the original Supreme Personality of Godhead
  17. http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m03/m03261.htm There is no mention of shiva in this chapter at all so the shiva purana might not be right in this case after all.
  18. Can you tell me where in mahabharat there is a story of when durvasa muni comes to pandava in the forest. There is decides to eat at the pandava's hut after taking a bath. But since there is no food, they call upon Lord Shri Krishna and he satisfies the Munis with only 1 grain of rice. Can you tell me which parva this story is located in and which section? i want to see what mahabharat says about lord sri krishna about the fact that he says he goes to shiva everytime he in in trouble. (by the way, in shiva purana, after the story i told above is said, according to the purana, Shri krishna says "let us all pray to shiva and that everytime i am in need of help and assistance, i take refuge in shiva". that is the reason i want to see what mahabharat says) thanks.
  19. I was watching shiv mahapuran, and there was a story that jambavati was his wife but she looked like a normal female. The purana shows that shri krishna did penance to please shiva and get the boon of getting a son. and that son would be responsible for the end of yadu dynasty.
  20. Well, the linga/shiv purana was recited by vedavyas student so i don't know what to believe. In the bhagavad gita i read: (Chapter 10, verse 23) Shri Krishna tells Arjun: "Of all the Rudras I am Lord Shiva, of the Yakṣas and Rākṣasas I am the Lord of wealth , of the Vasus I am fire , and of mountains I am meru." So if narsimha was an avatar of supreme, he is still above all gods and demigods and this avatar's death (by killing) is impossible. Sri Krishna says he is Shiva and all other things as explained so shri krishna expands into shiva. As for all the wired versions i read of narasimha drinking blood or lord vishnu fainting due to fear, these are absurd, where did you get these stories? any specific reference?
  21. I read some great responses and they do help clear things up a bit. But the puranas may have been altered as someone said. I also read the shiv puran was recited by discipline of sri veda vyas and the discipline was later killed by sri balarama in srimad bhagavatam for bad deeds. I look at what the lord himself said about himself in the Bhagavad Gita. SHri Krishna says he is the supreme truth with no truth above him. he also describes himself as neverborn, controller of all things, and who expands into everything. So i look at this and see tha he can't be lying to Arjun. In mahabharat, it also says Shri Krishna was speaking to TIME as well as Arjun to address questions of future generations. All the puranas are confusing even though writen by 1 person, that means they have been altered but Krishna (also known as hari, vishnu, rama) is the supreme truth.
  22. virbhadra is a manifestation from shiva. In the linga purana, it says that after narsimha avatar killed hiranyakashyapu, he was more enraged and decided to destroy the universe. paniced, everyone went to shiva and shiva manifested virbhadra. virbhadra confronts narsimha and makes him understand but narsimha gets enraged and attacks virbhadra. as a result, virbhadra cuts off narasimha's head and kills him. in the purana, it says though that it only killed the avatar, and not vishnu himself. Do you think this really happened, that shiv manifestation killed vishnu avatar? ( i don't know because avatar is when god himself descends to do some task, this would mean vishnu himself descended as narasimha and that narsimha got slain.)
  23. which purana is the most authentic? the list is: Brahma Padma Vishnu Shiv Brahmand Narad Markendeya Agni Bhavishyottara Brahmavaivart Ling Varah Skand Vaman Kurma Matsya Garuda Bhagvad
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