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  1. I have read almost every respond to this posting. I 100% agree what everybody is saying. This Nehru family has done nothing but ruined our history. Even till today the history taught in our schools is wrong. Alexander the great was never great. He was defeated by a small king named Porus. Taj Mahal is a Hindu temple. Subhash Chander Bose's death was Nehru,s conspiracy. Kashmir issue is still there because of Nehru. Basically Nehru family was a family of misfits. Those are just a couple of examples. That is why whenever someone talk about the real history, they make him quite. So it is upto us now. All the Hindu's should get together and wipe all those forces from our country. But we are so tolerent that we are still so called Gandhi's, anyone can come and slap.
  2. I am proud to be a Hindu bud I am so ashamed that we are not united. But time is coming. People are going to uproot Nehru and Gandhi's statues. Nehru Family.pdf
  3. Our own Nehru Family Nehru Family.pdf
  4. It is very true that Karan and Duryodhan were better than Arjun and Bhim but I think we are going away from the true meaning of the whole incident that it was a war of good and bad. Just because of Duryodhan, Karan never got that rechognition what Arjun and Bhim got. Same thing happened in Ramayana. Ravan and his brothers were far educated and stronger than Ram and his brothers. But again Gods came to help Ram amd their alliance. Because it was a war of good and bad too and Ravan, his brother Kumbhkaran and his son Inderjit never got rechognized. Inderjit himself has defeated Devas so many times.
  5. So Called Nehru Family Nehru Family.pdf
  6. Congress has always damaged the Hindus. But we are so tolrent that anybody can come and loot us. It was congress(Indira Gandhi) who never Mr. Oak's book publish. Just because of Muslim vote bank. On the other side us(Hindus) more than 85% of the total population of so called Hindustan is so divided than nobody cares about us. Nehru Family.pdf
  7. Yes they were all jack asses. They were decoits not rulers. What did they do other than forceibly converting people and damaging their religious places. Alone Shahjhan has 5000 women in his haram. So you can think yourself how great he was. Now take a look at their followers. Problem everywhere, where ever they are. Still the same mantality.
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