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  1. I was born on 2 August 1979

    8 30 PM




    I want to find out what my calculations or chart says.

    1 I have had problems since birth. I have had problems of negative attitude from people around me.

    2 I am also having problems with my parents and family.

    3 My social life has been negative. (People being negative towards me for no reason.

    4 My job applications have failed even through postal.

    I have tried everything I could to keep my personal appearances reasonable. My clothing, speech, but nothing has changed. I have been working on it for many years.

    Please see my chart and calculations for me.


  2. Hello I would like to know about my troubles and solutions of it.

    My time of Birth is 8 : 30 PM

    Date of Birth is, 2 August 1979

    Place of Birth is Leicester, England.

    Family background:

    My father does not work at all he is mental problems. He has been angry throughout his life. He is also involved in black magic and also thinks negative about people.

    My mother has also a temper. She gets very angry with me when my mother and me are on our own.

    My sister was a nice person back in 1998. But later on she has become the same as above towards me.

    Also another side is who ever I ask help and guidance from, gives me negative attitude towards me. It has been like this since I was young.

    My work situation:

    My work situation is bad because I have been applying for jobs to numerous different places. But not one replay has come successful from any of replay.

    I need to know why have I got negative stuff in my karma since birth.

    Is this the problem of black magic or planets?

    It has been since after Birth, illness, enemies, money issues, material problems, violence towards me, job situations, relationship with others problems.

    I do not know why I am getting this. Please can you see my calculations?

    Thank you very much

  3. Name: Rizwan Dodya

    DOB: 2nd August 1979

    time: not sure but could be 20 30 pm

    Please can you tell me why am I having problems with my parents. They always feel against me for no reason. I like to know someone who knows what jape I should do?

    That’s my personal Jape or mantra calculated.

    Possibly to make my parents calm towards me for the right reasons only not for pleasure or irresponsibly motivated by myself.

    I will use it wisely.

    please help

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