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  1. now plz dont ignore my posting above mr. guest. you must comment on it.
  2. Hello mr. guest. well well. you have really challenged us all. but i found this answer to be one of the most convincing: **I think the law of Karma is very mechanical and exact to the point. If we remember our past mistakes becasue of which we are suffering, then it will reduce our suffering by way of some kind of solace that the suffering is not unwarranted. But since the law of Karma gives a 9 for a 9, it wants you to suffer exactly as the suffering you gave - to cause the exact impression which you might have caused - as a learning experience. The only other way out is to seek help from someone who has power over Karma.** What have you got to say for this now? Is your qs abt past life memory answered with this one? is this answer not logical enough?
  3. mugen


    its been a long time since i have been living with my dad. He is the worst man i have seen in my life. He does not care about anything but money.- gives money to my mother after a lot of pestering and after half the month is over, there is always a gloomy atmosphere in the house, there are times when food is very less and he is shouting at us-whatever food is there he eats it saying "mera to ho jayega. tumlog apna dekh lo". so many times i have seen my mother crying, none of her @#$ relatives want to help, when they come (very very rarely) and try to calm the atmosphere in the house the @#$ man cries in front of them saying that my mother has ruined his life, (when in fact he has ABSOLUTELY ZERO FRIENDS because he doesnt care abt anyone, but my mother makes all the contacts whenever there is work to be done and he simply uses them, fights with my mother and keeps cursing her and abusing). the man is such a low life that he pushed his own daughter (my sis) into a gutter when she was demanding money for house. My grandfather (from mother's side) died with the last words "i have done a big mistake by sending her to that @#$#$'s house" and so he decided to divide the money equally. but as luck would have it we got not a single paise from them as everything was immediately taken by the brothers. My dad's brothers whenver they come they like seeing dad and mother fight. They infuriate my mom by saying bad things and provoke my dad to kill us. To top it all the things that we get dont really bring out these problems in soceity. Look here anyone seeing me type here would INSTANTLY say that "oh he's a happy boy. see he gets so much from his dad he is so freely typing on the comp". :mad2::mad2: But that gives me very violent thoughts abt these ppl. How can they decide the quality of life by seeing the material possession? And my dad's not a poor person he earns abt 80,000rs per month. I want to see him in tears for this. its enough to see my mom and sister crying almost everyday out of pain and not:eek3::mad2::mad2: a single man in this entire world being able to see our situation. Im fed up of these violent thoughtws everyday. and oh yes i nkow what you will say -very easily "do meditation and excell yourself". but EVERYTIME i have done it that man somehow comes and either disrupts it or just in the next 1-2 days he comes and disrupts my sense of peace by doing something really bad.:mad2:
  4. As far as I know sadhna wont help you out with that. That is a material problem and sadhna will help you improve spiritually. It can make you stronger emotionally so that you can take the pain, give you a soothing and continuous sense of peace. It can make great changes in yourself. The situation here can be explained as follows: Suppose you have a train leaving from the city in 1 hour. You live in the outskirts of the city. You are now asking "how much more push-ups should i do so that I will be able to make it to the station in time?" Hare Krishna
  5. Its good that you have put it here. But do you actually practice it? Merely copying and pasting from a web site wont help you. You need to do it even if 3-5 min daily to begin with. The lords grace is with is all. Hare Krishna
  6. all of you gave really wonderful answers...I'm really satisfied. Thanks to all of you and also to the lord who has given me the chance to come here. hare krishna
  7. But that does not satisfy me...I'm also quite an expert in these things (if i may say so)....thing is that that situation did not really require much expertise. it just required luck. what he did wasn't logical but still it worked. but what i did just didn't turn out even though it was logical. I felt frustrated because it was expected of me to mend it. Similar situations have happened many times before..
  8. Firstly i kno that this is very trivial. but i'm mentioning this because this happened today. there are even bigger incidents like this. Hence if i can find some good answer to this i can keep composed in the big ones also. see i switched on tv (watch it on comp and hence there are even more wires behind comp.) Now one current connection was loose. so i just took out the adapter and put it back in into another socket. And lo, the screen is showing "no signal". I only changed the current plug position. Logically there is no reason for this. So, 1) I checked each individual device (tv tuner card and the cable supply)-each is worling correct alone. 2) I checked the connections- They too are all correct. :confused: There was no fault of mine in this situation. I had only changed the current socket. After putting a lot of head I GIVE UP with the feeling "that ITS JUST NOT IN MY DESTINY." No matter how hard i tried i coudn't correct it. :mad2: I ask one person for help. he comes. i explain how it stopped working. Now he too checks the connection-no faults. But now he picks up the remote and changes some settings in the menu. One of them work out accidentally and the picture comes back on.:eek2: Who would have thought that just removing current supply and putting it back on would have changed the settings of the device as well? This never happened before. IT WAS JUST NOT IN MY DESTINY TO CORRECT THIS NO MATTER HOW MUCH I TRIED BUT IT WAS IN HIS DESTINY TO CORRECT THIS EVEN THOUGH WAT HE DID WAS ILLOGICAL. I find it heart-breaking why failure should be written in mine and success in his just like that. This happens in other situations also. Please comment...:crying2:
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