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  1. hey, that episode with nadi reading must have been full of many curiosities iam sure. so i wud appreciate if u cud just throw some more lite onto this issue of nadi astrology. wat is rite and wat is wrng certainly depends upon experiences and i wud like to appreciate that some one here has the guts to speak the truth. please put in more lite here pal somany others who have the wilingness and beliefs get to know wat the reading is all about. wat are the things that a client has to go thru, wat are the questins like...wat is behind the scenes. i'll hope to get a reply on the issues mentioned above soon. regards, shashank sharma
  2. hey sushil, read what you wrote on the forum about all your experiences with nadi astrology and readings...iam sure it wud have been an unbelievable experience. i would be pleased if you cud share your experiences a bit more here on the forum as it will help to those who are seeking nadi readings in their lives. aprt from the experiences, it wud also be of great pleasure if you cud bring into picture some of the facts that only tou must be knowing as you have been thru it. i'll look forward for your reply and dscussins for the above mentioned. regards, shashank
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