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  1. Respected Sir/madam, I really need ur help. I have some problems. Here are my details : Name : Sajith DOB : 18/02/1987 Time of birth : 6:57 pm Place of birth : Taliparamba (Dist.Cannanore),Kerala Country :India Gender : Male Questions : 1) In the last 2-3 years ,I had two heartbreaks i.e two girls cheated me.Is my life partner going to be anyone of them ? 2) How will be my financial conditions in future ? 3) Will I have all the luxuries in life or will I lead a common life ? 4) Will I stay in foreign country for a longer time for my job ? 5) Will I achieve the highest post and rule for longer time in the company which I will be working with ? 6) Will my wife be a caring and good hearted lady ? 7) Will my marriage be with the agreement of my parents ? 8) Is there anything interesting (extraordinary) thing I dont know about me ? 9) Please suggest remedies for the evils in my horoscope. Thanks Sajith
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