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  1. Hi, I'm a very much firm believer in the healing power of gems but was recently confused with different suggestions given by astrologers and the effects of the gems. I was wearing a diamond (non-skin touch) on the ring finger of the right hand. After meeting an astrologer last September, he suggested I wear it on the middle finger and I got it changed. He also suggested that I wear a emerald and zircon pendant fixed together which I did and wore. Around February 2014, having met another Vedic astrologer, he suggested I remove the diamond and the emerald/zircon and wear Red Coral and Blue Sapphire. He gave me a 12Ct Coral to be made in gold ring and 4-5Ct Blue Sapphire silver pendant. After wearing the Coral on a Tuesday morning, I started to get back my usual back pain ( I was suffering from it but had stopped over 6 months), fearing it is the stone, I removed it and consulted the astrologer. He suggested there was nothing with it and I should continue to wear. The following Tuesday I again wore it and the pain did appear. I continue wearing it for two weeks but since I could not bear the pain anymore and movement was all around the back, I removed it to see the pain go/disappear again. This has sort of convinced me the gem power works as benefic or malefic. But I am confused which gem is right for me though I continue to wear the Blue Sapphire as pendant in my neck. My details: DOB: 20 January 1973 TOB: 08:10 AM POB: Mapuca, Goa (Actual is Porvorim, Goa and closest is Mapuca or Mapusa) Kindly suggest which gem would be the right for me. Many thanks in advance for your advice. Sailesh
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