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  1. Hare Krsna Pritesh my freind I'm from the Uk as well (and since you hid your e-mail why?) if you what anwers and association with devotees goto Paltalk.com download the software and then goto Bhagavad Gita class with GitaGovinda and you will hopelfully find the answers, don't hesitate Hare Krsna
  2. Hare Krishna All I can say is that at least you are aspiring to be a humble devotee of Lord Krishna, and 8 rounds is better that none or 1!, as far as th 4 regs are concerned the easiest I find are No Meat etc, No Gambling, the rest ae difficult but try to cut down on the rest of the reg priciples and you'll find you devotion grow, plus I think you need a living Guru to make progress in spritual life and when Srila Prabhupada was present on the planet he rejected many people, but if you are determined to make SP your guru then Lord Krishna will help you and hopefully me too!
  3. Hare Krishna Could somebody tell the Christians out there not to kill animals/they have souls, I don't know how a Christian can be a Christian and continue the killing, and yes I'm not sorry at all for this post.
  4. Hare Krsna Since the mind is always impure and flying here and there, even when chanting you can have evil thoughts, me I try to ignore them and carry on chanting, knowing that because of my impurity I cannot control my senses, but still sometimes the mind can be so obstinate that you think that you’ll never be purified, is this negative yes, another trick of the mind to engage you in sense gratification, or Maya I do not know, but what scares me are the thoughts which I do not want but are binded in me.
  5. Hare Krsna I think now..... you should pick a devotee, for me (Srila Prabhupada (after reading his purports on the Bhagavad Gita & Srimad Bhagavatam) I know he is a pure devotee of Lord Krsna, so just pick your devotee to serve and you will gain the service of Lord Krsna and be happy! eternally. As SP said just live by the 4 regulative principles & chant 16 rounds of the Hare Krsna Maha-Mantra with a vow before Srimati Tulasi Devi and leave the rest to Lord Krsna, easy it sounds but to deliver very very hard, Hare Krsna Prabhu's.
  6. Hare Krsna Thanks for the reply, all the things you mentioned I sort of already knew having read some of the Bhagavatam, i.e. that Siva is born of Lord Krsna, but what I really wanted to know was as the above, as Srila Prabhupada is a pure devotee (and all glories to him) so is Lord Siva, so why can't you become a devotee of Lord Siva and serve him and then get his benediction to become a devotee of The Supreme Lord Krsna, I ask because most people know who Lord Siva is but don't know who Srila Prabhupada is, thanks prabhu's.
  7. Hare Krsna I would like to know what Srila Prabhupada said about Lord Siva, should we pray to him or should we only pray to Lord Krsna, I ask because Lord Siva is considered a great devotee of Lord Krsna, also my sister's mother-in-law, who I was chatting to and I said that Lord Krsna is greater than Lord Siva therefore we should only pray to him, she said there's no difference between them both, and that one cannot live without the other, and I couldn't think of a reply, any answers would be welcome prabhu's.
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