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  1. Dear All, I had posted recently that I came across an entry about Viparivartani mantra or vidhya. It is supposed to be very efficacious in making an absent person return back when recited. I am looking for this mantra and its prayog vidhi in this forum as it is an appropriate forum and I am hoping that there will be someone familiar with this mantra and can provide it. I want to use this mantra to help bring back a teenager from a well to do family with no family problem who left home last week saying he wants to know if he can handle the life on his own and his parents are very anxious and anguished about it and frantic about getting him back. I know a mantra that when recited will help locate an object or thing that is misplaced if it has not already been discarded or destroyed. After reciting that mantra, the person looking for the object either recalls the place it was left or happens upon the object soon after. But this mantra is only for getting back inanimate things. I am hoping I will be provided the good fortune to learn the Viparivartani mantra and help bring the boy back soon. Thanks. Anvesaka
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