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  1. Hello, I have seen that whenever I take almonds (left in water overnight or raw with skin) I feel like I am feeling sick, bechain and cold. Since I run 5-10K daily I take around 15-40 almonds daily as they do a good job of filing up my calorie and protein requirement. I have played around with that number and even if I take only 10 daily, they have the same effect. I have tried mixing them with honey or taking them with milk but they just cause a certain feeling of tiredness and fatigue. Is there a right way of taking them or an alternate way? Or should I avoid them completely? I would also like advice on few other things such as taking honey daily (2-3 spoons), coconut water in the evening (after running) and eating water soaked walnuts, anjeer and munaka. Should I take the above things daily? I do it mainly for digestion and some energy through walnuts. Advice on almonds intake is very much important. Special mention about others will also be appreciated. Just to add one last thing, these days I am having trouble sleeping at night. Feeling bechaini in my legs and body is also hot without fever. Don't know what word is best suited here, perhaps hot body is causing restlessness? I must also add that even if I skip the above mentioned dry fruits my body can still be restless and tired. Thanks.
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