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  1. SeeksTruth

    Path to Hinduism

    Thank you Raveena, I am in the process of reading Bhagavad Gita now. Will have to look up those videos...thanks for your help.
  2. SeeksTruth

    Path to Hinduism

    Thank you for responding...I will continue to read all texts I can find. The many spiritual paths is what attracted me, a very open way of worship...instead of the idea that "it must only be this way or else! Thank you again for your help.
  3. SeeksTruth

    Path to Hinduism

    Hello all. First, I hope this post is in correct place, and if not I do apologize. I was raised into Christianity, and through the last ten years or so have been searching for a better path. Recently I have discovered Hinduism and have been feeling a need to learn more and more about being a follower even though I live in a remote area in the Southern US with no other followers around my area. Can someone please offer advice to a man only wanting to follow and live in peace.