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  1. The problem encountered each age of Imagery which leads to the type of destruction we see today, is when we steal multiple partial urges together which causes us to steal images at a quicker speed. The result causes an image overlying the person which can cause others to steal partial urges from them. The cure is for the creation of complete urges in one's self, which allow us to create complete images of our surrounding world, enabling us natural image control without the side effect of stealing images. The creation of family homes where you perfect the space of your habitat, and one creator inspired by the energy of love is greater than all of the sciences combined which are deprived of love, and where you will never need to steal a partial urge from mankind, and your environment will treat you the same. Even telegony can be cured by this means, and the ancient Vedruss civilization developed a cure for telegony which Anastasia reveals in book 8.2, Rites of Love. Image control for obtaining the most pleasurable and gratifying experience of lighting a star with the birth of a child is harnessed in giving even more information for your child's birth. Partial urges are fore-gone for complete urges and images harness for the creation of a child and their piece of motherland.
  2. Please let people know, that the proof of what the problem may have been each age of Imagery can be found in the Kurukshetra war. Anastasia mentions that around 5000 years ago there was a war, the first huge genocidal war. She mentioned it was created when a person with a perverted consciousness created an image that caused people to start killing each other. I have searched and Vedic scholars say that according to the astrological calculation in the Vedas, the Kurukshetra war was around 5000 years ago. Historians later said that this would give the rulers unusually long reigning periods. As a phenomenon that occurs in the accurate dating of Egypt, the Kurukshetra war, and the bible, we can be sure that the ages and reigning periods are indeed as long as they are recorded as being. http://www.stephen-knapp.com/time_line_of_lord_krishna.htm http://creative.sulekha.com/the-story-of-the-war-of-kurukshetra_100892_blog Their are multiple points prior to and leading up to the Kurukshetra war where partial urges were stolen and the disease of stealing images perpetrated. The stolen image of mankind's creation ability became so great because of the stolen partial urges associated with one person, Duryodhan, that it caused a massive war of many millions of people. We must first recognize that there were already stolen partial urges and the disease of stealing images before the war, which lead to the stolen image of mankind's creation ability associated with Duryodhan causing people to steal all of the partial urges associated with him. One of the first stolen partial urges is the royal family, carrying the disease of stealing images of greater importance over other people. Vyas was raised and then was called by his mother who became a queen. Her husband the king died, and her two other sons died in battles to rule the kingdom. Vyas's mother called upon him to sleep with his step brother's wives for producing a heir. Neither of the women wanted to go through with the process and were force into the act. This caused what is known as telegony, which Anastasia also talks about, and it is when great mental speed and great bodily speed come together and programs information into the body. This includes when man and woman come together. When not for conjoint creation and joy for all from it's contemplation, partial urges, or partially satisfying information is left within the body. This information is passed on to your child and any future children you have. Anastasia mentions a natural cure for telegony in her books. Now with Vyas's speed of thought which he had practiced as a saint, the information of telegony would be programmed even further in themselves and the children. As a result of the unwilling conception, the children were born with some partial information. This would cause them to steal the partial urge or interest later for acts even such as gambling, but before we skip ahead. Dhritarashtra and Pandu were born. Pandu found an agreeable wife probably, but Dhritarashtra married with a princess from Afghanistan. When pregnant and found out her child would not rule the throne, she coldly aborted her own child, stealing even further partial urges into the blind king's seed. A Wise man comes to heal the emotional harm, but also, due to the stolen partial urges of the sciences at the time and it's availability to the royal class, the dead child was cloned and turned into 100 sons. This is yet another partial urge which would have brought more partial urges within the final seed. The disease of stealing images was probably prevalent in all of the clones, and so they stole the images of their royal culture. One of the clones, Duryodhan, became made fun of when he fell into one of the palace's water features. He stole the partial urges from mankind about everything, he stole the images of his whole culture for his partial urges. The stolen image of mankind's creation ability, or anti-mind, took further control in Duryodhan, and caused others around him to start stealing images and partial urges. The five Pandu brothers agreed to play dice with him, in itself a stolen partial urge with which to steal images. And then Duryodhan stole a partial urge from Krishna when he ordered his guards on him, and so the disease of stealing images through the stolen image of mankind's creation ability surrounding the society and Duryodhan, caused Krishna to steal a partial urge from him. The threat to Duryodhan of being doomed by war, hence starting off the war. The image capable of possessing and then controlling Duryodhan and those around him was raised within the images in their culture which possessed behind them stolen partial urges. The technology accounts for some of this, the images of the royal family, and the attitudes toward love and essential important laws of the Unverse; One creator inspired by the energy of love is greater than all science combined which are deprived of love, Perfect the space of your habitat, and never steal a partial urge from mankind. This great culture of the great Vedruss people was lead down a path which caused the other Vedruss to fall asleep, for an important reason too, to avert a global psychic war. This happened, the people falling asleep with all three planes of being intact, so that their culture would not steal the partial urges associated with the stolen images of massive war. We and our people are able to awaken again at the dawn of a great new civilization, during a new Vedic age. The cure to the disease of stealing images, anti mind, and the disease of stealing partial urges, which are all the same thing, is the awakening of the science of imagery through creating your own space of love in nature following three laws: One creator inspired by the energy of love is greater than all sciences combined who are deprived of love, Perfect the space of habitat, and never steal a partial urge from mankind. There are different applications of these three laws, certain rites gathered by Anastasia, which allows us to utilize the power of collective thought in ridding us of all our problems, telegony, stealing partial urges, physical disease, perfecting the space of our habitat. Much love is put into these books, and awakened teachers are needed to assimilate these wise ancient teachings, and to communicate with all other religions and even science in calming each other down and co-create and spread new logical rites from these laws which will allow us to create with each other into eternity. The cure to telegony, the creation of new planets, and the birthing of children. All only completely possibly by following and studying these Universal Laws. Laws which like angles, are the brightest thoughts our forbearers ever created with, and allow for us to create new paradises. Even for science, Anastasia has agreed to enter into a contest with the worlds best computer firms and to compete against their best computers on a difficult to answer question. She said that she would teach them how to build a more perfect computer that can interact with man, and I am almost certain that it will work based off of the principles of these three laws. First the elements which man controls as a whole (one creator inspired by the energy of love is greater than all sciences combined which are deprived of love), then the result of all elements communicating with man, ( Perfect the space of habitat), and then a second response communication between all elements and man, (Never steal a partial urge from mankind). Anastasia say that she will only come out to the world when all woman stand together, and says that in order for her to help us discover how to control the energy of love, we need to ask all woman at once what they dream the perfect love to be. Then she will be able to see all of their thoughts in space and determine how to control the energy of love. Once all woman stand together on Earth, Anastasia will come forth to the world and even communicate with our technological, scientific communities of the world. Please help to get this information out to your awakened teachers today, or to attract their attention to this discussion. Some of you may better be able to do this than myself, and I hope gratefully that this message will fly to the right people, and even awakened people of your Vedic tradition who may benefit us all by reading this information. Please, and thank you! Joy and health to your thoughts!
  3. Anastasia describes how the Egyptian priests tried to hide the way of eating as you breathe in their culture, and through the way of spreading food sciences abroad, hid it in other cultures as well. One of the priests one day discovered the idea of hiding the way of natural eating from not only the people, but also from themselves, and only to give themselves some sciences passing down what foods to eat to accelerate their speed of thought. That this even arose shows that the priests have stolen partial urges from mankind, about ruling their people, and so the disease of stealing images was in them. With this they created artificial images of food to pray to, artificial times of eating the certain foods, and an artificial system of what foods to even eat, excluding many others. That the priests did this themselves and treated it important, made the people believe them. All of the elements of anti-mind are here. The complete disassociation from what type of foods, what time of day, and what you are thinking while eating food causes you to steal partial urges, only partially satisfying information after eating. The stolen image of mankind's creation ability came from the priests adopting this way of eating for even themselves, then all of Egypt looked this way to the world, and then those defeated culture's adopted it over time. The stealing of the partial urge of the stolen image of mankind's creation ability creates the disease of stealing images. Now we have ways of eating today that do not reflect the main way of eating. Giving your plants information about yourself and growing as wide a variety as you can. Eat only what makes you more hungry after eating. Fasting first helps to determine this more fully. To eat as you breathe is to not let your eating distract you from thinking at all. Effortless eating.
  4. As proof of these events in history, we can look at the various sciences that came from Egypt. From this single science of imagery, whose laws we are just now rediscovering, and which is capable of bringing mankind back into harmony with the Earth and Universe, there were derived many sciences. The science of imagery is the ability to accelerate the speed of one's thinking to see creation as it is in images, and how to create one's own living image substances with which to create in the same way the Creator does. From this one science was broken down mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and their own hidden sciences of alchemy and entity creation, also known today as thought-form creation. The priests, even before Anastasia's forefather gathered them together, had within them stolen partial urges of mankind. They sought to control and cause fear within the people they were used to ruling before. They literally stole the partial urges from their fellow mankind, of fear, to feed their own stolen partial urges of mankind, namely, that they thought they had more given to them by the creator than other's. As a rule, even if true, this does not make one greater as there is a particle of the creator within all of us. As a result, when Anastasia's forefather taught them the science of imagery, the priests mainly stole partial urges from their own man, thinking the science of imagery as a means to control mankind instead of it's actual purpose of perfecting the space of habitat, as was Anastasia's forefather's dream. Also as a result of the stolen partial urges of mankind, the priests saw Anastasia's forefather as only a means to an end, and even threaten to lock him up in a tower. They tried to steal partial urges from him. He would not allow this in himself and so continued to create his own path. All of the sciences which have been passed down are in themselves stolen partial urges of mankind. Even alchemy and entity creation, previously used for accelerating one's speed of thought and controlling people or the physical world, when not used for perfecting the space of habitat, it creates conditions where mankind is faced with only a partial urge toward mankind. To this day, despite the numerous semi-hidden organizations passing down the sciences of alchemy and entity creation, there are still wars and drugs, gangsterism and partial urges enveloping whole generations of people. It would seem that as per the great purpose that was supposed to be behind practices of perfecting oneself through alchemy, and entity creation, they have failed in changing the world in any great significant way. Some of these organizations are even behind the destruction we see today. They need to reacquaint themselves with the purpose of this science of imagery, parts of it hidden even from themselves, and to harness and maintain their great energy as people-gods. It is perceivable now thanks to the help of Anastasia, that all groups of people may rediscover the great energy behind our creation ability and the science of Imagery. There might be three laws which allow full activation of this science in man: One creator inspired by the energy of love is greater than all of the sciences combined which are deprived of love. Perfect the space of your habitat. Never steal a partial urge from mankind. To this day stolen partial urges of mankind have been passed down from Egypt, creating Occult (or stolen) sciences which have led people away from the truth: That even today everyone can build a home. One's motherland helps to create complete urges and will help to give you eternal life. Next in our search for confirming the actual problem encountered each age of imagery, I would like to bring up one more problem which Anastasia says the priests of Egypt have created which is effecting people even today. How the Egyptian priests tried to hide the way of eating as one breathes.
  5. “In those times, the tribes living on Earth were fighting among themselves. Each strove to raise more warriors, and among the warriors, those who aspired to farming and poetry were considered ordinary. Each tribe had priests, who tried to frighten people, but they did not have a clear goal. Frightening others served as consolation for them. Each gratified his own self-esteem by saying that he had received something greater than everyone else from God. My forefather was able to assemble the poets from several tribes, the priests. In all, there were nineteen of them, eleven singer-poets, seven priests, and my forefather. They gathered in a secluded and uninhabited place. The singers sat modestly; the priests ensconced themselves separately, pompously. My forefather said to them, "The enmity and wars among tribes can be stopped. The peoples will live in unity. In this state, the leader will be fair, and each family will be rid of the calamities of war. People will begin to help one another. The community of men will find the way to the primordial garden." But the priests ridiculed my father at first. "Who would want to relinquish his power to someone else voluntarily? To collect all the tribes into one, someone has to be the most powerful and vanquish the others, but you want there not to be any war. Your words are naïve. Why have you summoned us, you slow-witted wanderer?" The priests prepared to leave. My father stopped them with these words. "You are wise men, and we need your wisdom in order to create laws for human society. I can give each of you such power that no weapon created by human hand could withstand it. When you use it for good, for the goal, for the truth, for a happy sunrise, it will come to help everyone. When he who possesses it meanly desires to use it to conquer and subjugate, he himself will perish." The prospect of unusual power stopped the priests. The eldest priest suggested the following to my father. "If you know of some unusual power, tell us about it. If it is effective and capable of building states, you will remain among us to live in that state. Together we will create laws for human society." "This is why I came to you, to tell you about the unusual power," my father replied to them all. "But before I do, I ask you to name a ruler out of all those you know—one who is good and not greedy, who lives in love with his family and does not think of war." An old priest answered my father that there was one ruler who avoided all battles. But his tribe was small. They did not strive to glorify their warriors, and for that reason few in it even aspired to become warriors. To avoid battles, they often had to change their encampment and live as nomads, to let others have the places fit for life and themselves settle in places undesirable. This leader's name was Egypt. "The state will be called Egypt," my father said. "I will sing you three songs. Singer-poets, sing these songs to people in your different tribes. Priests, settle among the people of Egypt. Families will come to you from different places. Greet them with your good laws." My father sang the three songs to those gathered. In one, he created the image of a just ruler, calling him Egypt. Another was the image of a community of happy people living together. The third depicted a loving family, the happy children in it, the fathers and mothers, all living in their unusual state. The three songs used ordinary words familiar to all. But from them, phrases were constructed so that those listening with bated breath heeded them. Also, the melody resounded through my father's voice. It summoned, beckoned, captivated, and created living images. The Egyptian state did not yet exist in reality, its temples had yet to be built, but my father knew that it all would appear as a result of what man's thought and dream, merging into one, summoned them to. He sang inspiredly, knowing the unusual power that our great Creator had given for each one. My father sang, possessing the power that differentiates man from everything, that gives him authority over everything, that allows man to be called the son of God and a creator. Singer-poets, burning with inspiration, sang these three songs in their different tribes. The beautiful images drew people, and people came to Egypt from various places. Five years later, the Egyptian state emerged from this small tribe. All the other tribes, once considered more important than the others, simply fell apart. Their bellicose rulers could do nothing against this disintegration. Their authority weakened and vanished. Something had vanquished them, but it was not war. Accustomed to fighting in matter, they did not know that images were powerful over all—those images to the human soul's liking, those images that draw hearts. Troops armed with spears or any other weapon are powerless before an image, even just one, but a sincere one, unclouded by the mercantile postulate. They are overthrown. Troops are powerless against an image. The Egyptian state grew strong and large. Priests called its ruler pharaoh. Priests secluded themselves in temples, away from human bustle, and created laws, and the ruler-pharaoh was obliged to follow them. Each ordinary inhabitant eagerly carried them out, and each strove to make his life the equal of the image. My father lived in the main temple, among the high priests. For nineteen years, the priests heeded him. They tried to learn the highest of all sciences, how great images are created. My father sincerely tried to tell them everything, burning with good intention. The priests learned the entire science, or part of it. At any rate, now it is unclear, and it makes no sense to try to clarify it. One day, nineteen years later, the high priest gathered the priests closest to him. They solemnly entered the main temple, to which even the pharaoh did not have access. The high priest sat on the throne, above all the others. My smiling father sat among the priests. He became lost inside himself, in reverie, creating another song, drawing a new image in it or, perhaps, fortifying an old one. The high priest said to those gathered, "We have learned a great science. It will allow us to rule the whole world, but in order for our power to be eternal over all, not even a particle of knowledge may be allowed to pass outside these walls. We must create our own language, and we will communicate in it to one another, so that none of us can let the secret out even by accident. "Through the ages we will send many treatises in different languages to the people. Let them all be amazed and think we are setting all this forth. We will set forth many wondrous sciences and different discoveries, so that the common people and rulers move further and further away from the main thing. In coming ages, let the wise men amaze with their wise treatises and other sciences. In so doing, while moving away from the main thing ourselves, we will lead others further from the main thing as well. "So be it," all the others agreed with the high priest. My father alone was silent. The high priest continued.” The greedy priests of Egypt go on to ask how to create the most powerful and longest lasting of images, the way Anastasia's forefather had been able to. He attempts to tell them upon threat of being sealed within a tower, only to greet people everyday, but not to sing images for them the way he usually would or else they would deprive him of water and food. He takes a path and a half by trying to tell them the way of creating the most powerful images, but also chooses to be locked within the tower. He sings to the throng of people from on top of the tower for three days straight without food or water. He sings nothing incriminating the priests or revealing them, but instead sings happy songs to which the people become inspired. The priests sit within the crowed of people trying to calculate how many thousands of years in the future he was creating history. He dies on his final third day from dehydration and exhaustion after his son finds him and they sing together. His son is able to find a mate who will go back to his forest home with him. Anastasia says that the priests made a number of religions from the songs that her forefather sang in those three days.
  6. I would like to first direct attention toward the creation of Egypt and events that occurred prior to and after it's creation. Anastasia is the daughter of a line of Vedic priests who played a role in the creation of Egypt and have passed down their knowledge within their family. Anastasia claims that Egypt was a Vedic state. She says that Egypt was created tens of thousands of years ago and that problems occurred in it's creation. I believe we can find the problem encountered each age of Imagery as a seed within this time period of Egypt's creation. Anastasia gives the whole story of Egypt's original creation, and to find the problem encountered in the image age I will recount Anastasia's story of Egypt here. To confirm this, the oldest found record of Egyptian culture spoke of the true first dynasty with rulers such as Osiris, Ra and Thoth. These records date back to at least 31,000 years ago: http://www.gigalresearch.com/uk/publications-pharaohs.php "Manetho (the high priest) wrote for example that according to the stelae coming from the gods of the first (real) dynasty, more than 20,000 works were attributed to Thoth (Tehuti, Hermes). He also reported that these same gods reigned from 33,894 to 23,642 BC." This dating would put Egypt's creation within the Vedic age as described by Anastasia. The Vedic age lasted 990,000 years and at it's end the Image age started, which lasted 9,000 years, and then the Occult age which lasted 1,000 years. From the year 2000 (which Anastasia says was the beginning of a new Vedic age), we can go back 1000 years to the beginning of the Occult age, at 1000 A.D. 9000 years before that (the whole length of the Image age), was 8000 b.c. the beginning of the Image age. So 990,000 years before that time was the whole of the Vedic age. This would put Egypt at possibly 33,894 b.c., near the end of the Vedic age. Anastasia's forefather lived in the forest with his wife, who had within her their child. He and his wife had a joyous life with all of the Creator's creations, and they had peace even though there were already violent skirmishing tribes who existed out in the lands. Anastasia's forefather would sit every evening and watch the images change in nature. He would wait, contemplate, and then start singing. Each new evening he would touch his songs with greater detail, weaving together the intricate images. His wife, Anastasia's foremother, would silently watch and listen to him hidden from inside the forest, listening with bated breath each new image and turn of phrase. His wife would greet his gaze every morning and be with him. One morning she was not there to meet his gaze, and he knew why. He went to go find her and found her leaning against a tree crying: "Awakening one morning, my forefather did not meet the gaze of love as usual, but he was not surprised. He rose calmly and began to walk through the forest. He saw my quieted foremother in a secluded spot. She was standing alone, leaning against a cedar. My father took her, quiet, by the shoulders. She did not raise her moistened gaze to him. His fingers lightly touched the teardrop running down her cheek, and he gently said, "I know. You are thinking about him, my beloved. You are thinking about him. This is not your fault. The image you have created is invisible to me. Invisible, but more beloved by you than I am. This is not your fault, my beloved. I am leaving. Now I will join people. I have come to know how beautiful images are created. I will tell people about this. What I know, others will be able to learn, and the beautiful images will bring people to the primordial garden. There is nothing more powerful in the Universe than the substances of living images. Even your love for me could be vanquished by an image I create. Now I will be able to create great images, and the images will serve people." My foremother's shoulders shuddered, and her trembling voice whispered, "What for? You, my beloved, have created the image I love. It is invisible. But the visible you is leaving me. Your child is already stirring inside me. What will I tell him about his father?" "Beautiful images will create a world that is beautiful. Our growing son will picture his father's image. If I am worthy of the image pictured by my son, I will be able to become it, and my son will know me. If I am unworthy of his picture, I will stay away, so as not to hinder his aspiration for what is beautiful, his dream." Not understood by my foremother, he left. He went to join people. He went with his great discovery. He went for all his future sons and daughters, with the aspiration of creating a beautiful world for all." To keep the length of these posts to a minimum, I will continue this story with the next post, which will be describing Anastasia's forefather's visit with the people of the tribes, his actions to bring them together, and where the first stolen partial urge of mankind took place which would cause the eventual corruption of Egypt.
  7. Her is part of a chapter from book 6 of The Ringing Cedars of Russia series, The Book of Kin. Anastasia is describing the ancient Vedruss civilization, and how they fell asleep around 5,000 years ago after a terrible war: "Our people have not died out, Vladimir, they are dormant. Our people happily thrived on the territories now known as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, England, Germany, France, India, China, and many other states both large and small. "Up Until quite recently, only five thousand years ago, in the real world our people were thriving on lands from the Mediterranean and the Black Sea to the farthest northern latitudes. "We are Asians, Europeans and Russians, as well as those who recently called themselves Americans - in fact, god-people, all from a single Vedruss civilization. "There was an age of life on our planet known as the Vedic Age. "During the Vedic Age mankind reached a level of sensitive knowledge allowing it to create energy images through collective thought. And then it underwent a transition into a new era of existence, known as the Image Age. "With the help of energy images, created by collective thought, mankind was afforded the opportunity of co-creating in the Universe. It could have had the ability to create Earth-like life on other planets. And it would have, if it had not committed any mistakes in passing through the Image Age. "In the Image Age, however, which lasted for nine thousand Earth years, mistakes were repeatedly made in the co-creation either of a single image or several images simultaneously. "A mistake occurred if there remained in the Earth's human society people with insufficient purity of thought, with an insufficient culture of feelings and thoughts. "Such mistakes had the effect of obscuring the opportunity to create in the expanses of the Universe, and led mankind into occultism. "The Occult Age of human life has lasted for one thousand years now. It began with an intensive degradation of human consciousness. Ultimately, a degradation of consciousness and an insufficient purity of thought, coupled with knowledge and opportunity at the highest level, would always lead mankind to a global disaster. "This was repeated many times over billions of Earth years. "Now we are in mankind's Occult Age. And, as always, a disaster of global proportions was supposed to take place. It was supposed to, but the deadline has passed. We have passed the end of the Occult Millennium. Now it is up to everyone to take stock of their purpose, their essence and where the mistake was made. We should help each other in mentally re-tracing the course of our history in the opposite direction and pinpoint the mistake. Then an era of joyous life on the Earth will be ushered in - an era such as no one has ever witnessed before in global history. The Universe is anticipating it with bated breath and great hope. "In the meantime the forces of darkness are alive and prevalent, feverishly trying to control people's minds. But for the first time they failed to notice the Vedruss' unusual behavior back five thousand years ago. "When an image was born by a perverted consciousness upon the Earth - an image which desired to exercise control over everybody, that was when the first war began. It was under the influence of this image that people started killing each other. This has happened many times on the Earth just before a global disaster. But this time... For the first time the Vedruss civilization did not enter the fray on a non-material plane. "Instead, the Vedruss fell asleep on their territories both large and small, switching off a part of their consciousness and feelings. "Man's life on the Earth seemed to carry on as before: children were born, houses were built, the decrees of the attackers were obeyed. It seemed as though the Vedruss had submitted to the dark forces, but therein lay a great secret: by falling asleep, the Vedruss, unconquered, remained alive on all planes of being. And this happy civilization is dormant right to this day, and will continue to sleep until those who are awake search out the mistake in the image creation, That same mistake that led the Earth's civilization to it's present-day situation. “Once the mistake has been identified with absolute precision, the dormant ones may hear the words of those who are awake and begin to rouse each other out of sleep. “Just who thought up this particular move, I cannot say. It is probably someone very close to God. “You, as a Vedruss yourself, should try to wake up, at least a little, and take a look at the course of history. “Our people went to sleep on various continents. Three thousand years ago they were thriving only on what is now Russian territory. At that time the age of the dark forces had already come upon the whole Earth. And the Vedruss continued their happy existence only on the 'island' now known as Russia. “It was only fifteen hundred years ago that this last 'island', too, fell asleep. The civilization of the Earth, the people who knew God, fell asleep in order to awaken to the dawn of a new reality. “The forces of darkness supposed that they had succeeded in destroying this people's culture and the aspirations of their soul forever. This is why they are trying so hard to conceal the history of the Russian people from those living on the Earth today. “In reality there is much more to the story. In covering up the history of the Russian people, which can serve as a stepping-stone into the world of the beautiful, they are actually trying to cover up the joyously living civilization of the Earth – cover up the culture, knowledge and feeling of knowing God which are inherent in that glad civilization your forebears were a part of.”
  8. Thank you! Anastasia mentions three conditions required for achieving eternal life: There must be at least one person on Earth who thinks about you with true unfeigned love. There must be a space which you created and aspire toward and which draws yourself to it again and again. Never admit for even a moment that you can be over come by death. These three conditions for eternal life correspond I believe to three laws of the Universe. Anastasia mentions the first two laws in her books, and the third one I have helped her discover for people by trying to find out what the problem was each age of imagery. When we live by these laws we accelerate our speed of thinking and allow for the creation of Earth like planets in the Universe: One creator inspired by the energy of love is greater than all of the sciences combined which are deprived of love. Perfect the space of your habitat. Never steal a partial urge from mankind.
  9. Thank you all. I feel it is important to note that in the bible Jesus said multiple times that he had come solely for the lost sheep of Israel. Jesus even turned away people of other nationalities seeking help saying that where I go you can not follow me, and that I come only for the lost sheep of Israel. He did indeed create on occult religion for his people, trying to counteract the unprecedented occult programming the Jewish people underwent at the hands of the Levite priests, who passed down broken pieces of the science of imagery and how to create thought-forms or entities, including alchemy, but these are the same thing. With this teaching from Egypt the Levites were taught that they were meant to create the image of God for the rest of the world, and then the Jewish people were told by the Levites that they were the sole chosen people of God. Jesus Christ traveled many lands to learn this science of imagery, and with it created living images with which to lead and deprogram the Jewish people, creating a window of time for bringing the Jewish people back to truthful images of God. After certain events happened the High priest of the science of imagery of Egypt, whom considered the Jewish and Levite people his programmed people, turned the Christian religion into a world wide religion with priests and everything. Knowing that the world wide Christian belief after being changed a little bit by the High priest, would be teaching people to be a slave of God. Jewish belief and hidden Levite belief would be teaching an "initiated" population their teachings, and telling them that they are the rulers of the world. The solution to all of this has been co-created by a woman named Anastasia, a true Vedun, a Vedic or Vedruss teacher and mother whom lives in Siberia. She has helped the man she married to compose a series of books about her words and visions of the past and future which reveals an ancient option for life that has been hidden from most people on the Earth. With the images composed in these books a new awareness has been inspiring people, and even an ancient Vedruss cure for telegony is revealed. Telegony is when great mental and bodily speed send information speeding into the body from one's thoughts and feelings, this is usually when a man and woman come together, and partial urges are stored within the body if carried about only for carnal pleasure, or in other words to steal a partial urge for yourself. With this ancient Vedic cure for telegony, unsatisfying information from previous relationships can be erased, and children birthed in the exact image and likeness of your thoughts, without any stolen images getting in the way. All peoples, but in particular the hidden Levite faction of the world, could use this cure, as over many generations partial urges have been carried down through telegony, and these certain hidden occult groups have practiced much ritual combining of the male and female elements, probably with at least even a little carnal pleasure, which could even be the desire to steal an uncompleted image or urge while coming together. The Ringing Cedars of Russia series are the books describing these important images and ancient Vedic information. Anastasia herself creates a window of time where a great number of people are carried across the dark forces span of time, bringing an awareness to people who will help awaken the people around them and heal the Earth. This woman is also partially where I have learned how to talk about Jesus. Thank you for reading.
  10. Hello! I am sorry for my previous very long and confusing letter. It does not need to be posted, but instead I have a shorter and more important way of describing the same thing. Can I get some thoughts and feelings on this! One awakened Vedic teacher living in Siberia is trying to get help on coming up with a way to describe in the greatest detail the mistake that occurred in our past each age of imagery, leading to an occult age where images control mankind's thinking. I believe I have found in great detail how this is done and how to heal it. Thank you for helping!: This is the problem encountered each age of Imagery as talked about by Anastasia in The documentary book series, The Ringing Cedars of Russia. Book 6, The Book of Kin. The Universal destructive or carnal force is the Universal energy of stealing an uncompleted image. The Universal energy of stealing an uncompleted image tries to get mankind to steal images. The Universal energy of stealing an uncompleted image analyzes the stolen image of mankind's creation ability. With this they create partial urges. The Universal energy of stealing an uncompleted image steals the stolen image of mankind's creation ability. With this they create partial urges. These partial urges try and get mankind to experience the same feelings through stealing images. When mankind experiences an unsatisfying feeling or partial urge and steals it's image, he creates a demi-urge which is another partial urge. The Universe is full of partial urges, but there is one which creates complete urges and complete images. The Universe was created when all of these urges experienced co-creation. Mankind is capable of producing the most complete urge of all which is the Universal energy of Love, when all urges come together for co-creation. This urge becomes created when mankind perfects the space of his habitat. When the Earth is full of complete urges, soul mates are capable of creating Earth like life and planets in the Universe. The same book which states these things, Co-Creation, partially written by Vladimir Megre, started an eco-village movement in Russia. There are now over 200 eco-villages made up of Kin's Domains. Each family is given at least 2.2 acres for turning into a corner of blooming paradise, an oasis, a garden paradise made up of food forests. This is for healing the Earth, healing people, and birthing and raising children who have complete urges. One's piece of Motherland gives it's people complete urges when we try to perfect the space of our habitat. Then our children perfect the space of habitat for the next generation, and gives the possibility of being born again on the same paradise which you created yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sggVLb11pUc It was a woman awakened Vedic teacher and mother who came up with most of this information, and I have simply helped to compose it in an ordered fashion. Her name is Anastasia and there is a book about her by the same name. There is a series of 10 books of Anastasia's discussions with her husband, and his attempts at bringing it to our technocratic world and those living in harmony with the Earth. When we draw images from perfecting the space of our habitat, we cure the disease of stealing images. Anastasia reveals ancient knowledge about how to best perfect the space of habitat for an individual, or for the Earth as a whole.
  11. Hello everyone! Joy and health to your thoughts! So I have a very long letter to write here. There is no false information within it, it is not slandering. It is of good cheer and in earnest desire to help an awakened woman teacher who is seeking help. This letter is in large part about the Vedic culture. It is my relaying of this woman Vedic teacher's words, a very, very important question that she asks awakened people of the world today to help resolve, and also this letter is my own writing, along with quotes from the woman teacher, in trying to help answer the question myself. I feel I have come across the right answer, how ever I require other awakened people to help confirm, and if not, to find the right answer to this very important question. The letter I would be relaying here is moderately long, but still long. I am writing right now to ask if I may continue in relaying the rest of this letter. I want to ask first. To my knowledge there is no copy-righted material within this letter. Health to your thoughts!
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