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  1. These are very good resources, although, mostly for older children. I enjoy the stories as well. http://bal-mukund.org/books-cds/
  2. Siddhi powers are under the power of Maya. Siddhis are not the result of enlightenment, rather they are the result of certain spiritual practices. They are an impediment along the road to liberation, as they fuel the ego. I was graced to know a divine saint who has since left his body, Jagadguru Kripalu Maharaj ji. His principal book on philosophy explains in detail the matter of siddhis. http://radhamadhavdham.org/shop/prem-ras-siddhant-english I agree with the others above, there is an element of just knowing. But more than that, notice whether the association of the "saint" results in any change in your thoughts and actions, (most particularly without struggle and forced striving)
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