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  1. >> fortunately I do not depend on my tinctures for income as I work as a scientist in a laboratory. making tinctures is more like a hobby Hare Krishna. Do you know anyone who does make income on it, so we could order some stuff? In my corner of the world the ingredients do not grow. Gadadhara dasa, Riga, Latvia
  2. What you have told here reminds me of my own experience 10 years ago. At one point I felt like spacemen our param-guru, Srila Prabhupada, was laughing about: no matter how far they rise in the sky, they have to come back down again. Finally I realized that it is a kind of addiction - addiction to the suffering. During following years I've seen a lot of people with this addiction. All my life, from childhood I had experienced too many troubles. I didn't know how it is, to live happy, prosperous and satisfied. Now, as soon as everything started to go on smoothly, sadhana OK, etc., I started feeling discomfort! Actually, I didn't know how to live like that. Usually I compare it with the situation of a man coming out of jail after 15 years. He has paid for his crime, but the world has changed and he does not fit in anymore. He knows well how to survive in the jail, but the outside world he doesn't know. As we know, many such people end up in the jail again... Similarly, we have been released from the jail of material existence by the mercy of the Supreme Lord, His devotees and Guru, and by renouncimg the sinful path of life. But the mind starts reeling, disoriented, because it's too unfamiliar to be free. And subconsciously (!) we start seeking the ways how to feel 'normal' again. And some people (I have had a couple patients like that) have this problem to such a degree, that they do not even feel any symptoms of inner peace, freedom, etc., not to speak of real bliss... It is all due to mind's function to provide the psychological stability, the status quo, **however terrible it may be**. As far as my experience goes (myself as well as those people I've treated), usually there is a significant track of psychological traumas, abuse etc. during childhood. Many painful experiences which the person has been unable to digest, so they are buried deep within with the signpost "Mine Field! Keep away!" Unfortunately, it is the place where the path of spiritual advancement goes. We have to change many things within ourselves to advance in spiritual life, but the subconscious part says, "forget it". Too painful. Have you ever been doing physical exercises with a broken leg? OK, don't even try - heal it first. Similarly, in such a situation we should heal our past wounds to become able to advance - and automatically start feeling the benefits of chanting Lord Krishna's name. One will feel it right away. I have described them on my web page on Topcities but I am not yet allowed to post the URLs here, so please write me a private message if you are interested. Or search me on Skype (Gadadhara_Riga).
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