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    Shri KRshNa, KRshNa-kathA, bhAgvat dharma, adhyAtma, vedAnta, Self-realization, connecting with sAdhaks.

    Bhagvad Gita, BhAgvat PurAN, Upanishad (Vedanta), Veda, AshTavakra Gita, Avadhoot Gita, Uttar Gita, ItihAs.

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I invite new or work-in-progress aspirants of the Hindu Dharma or any form of spirituality, to walk with Mukunda (Shri KRshNa), the Supreme Lord of the universe, to discover Your Self as the One and Only Bramhan, timeless Consciousness. The idea of this blog (http://walkwithmukunda.blogspot.in)  is to connect with Shri KRshNa via Bhagvad Gita, BhAgvat PurAN and Upanishads. The unanimous message of Vedopanishad and BhAgvat is Hari-bhakti and advaita. Yes, you can have both :smile:    Gentle Mukunda (One Who gives mukti) will take your ignorance away before you notice it! Such are the glories of BhAgvat Dharma.

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